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How to deal with people’s acne?Dermatologists give these four tricks

Some people say that when acne, it shows that adolescence is coming.

Kobayashi is just 20 years old and is in the best years in life. However, since last year, “acne” always emerged from time to time on her face. At first, she was only on her forehead, chin, a few small “red beans”, and sometimes it looked cute.

However, in recent months, “small beans have begun to become soybeans”, red and large, and the area has gradually spread to the entire face.

In the face of this disturbing acne, Kobayashi has also tried many methods. I have used a lot of cosmetics recommended by department stores to squeeze acne by beauty salons. In the end, it is still “endless wildfires, spring breeze blew again.”

The existence of acne makes the original cheerful and lively forests gloomy, ashamed to see people.

In desperation, Kobayashi can only seek the help of dermatologists.

In fact, this is also the common troubles of many adolescent girls. How to deal with it has also become a way of response that many beautiful women have been looking for. Today, with these issues, 39 Health Network invited Professor Yuan Dingfen, director of the Dermatology Department of the Sixth People’s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University. Professor Yuan Dingfen, Director of Sexual Disease Diseases, let her solve this problem for everyone.

Professor Yuan Dingfen, Director of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor Yuan Dingfen, Director of Sexual Diseases

Four reasons for the existence of acne

Acne, also known as ordinary acne, can be sick at all ages, but the most incidence of adolescents is the highest.

The onset of acne is mainly related to the four major causes of adolescence androgen, increased sebum secretion, excessive keratinization at the opening of the sebaceous glands, and acne propionate infection.

Acne can be divided into four levels according to the nature of the skin lesion:

Level 1, only acne;

Level 2, in addition to acne, also has inflammatory pimples;

Level 3, in addition to level 2 damage, there are pustules;

Level 4, in addition to level 3 damage, there are nodules, cysts or scars.

Acne of different levels also has a difference in severity. If symptoms such as inflammation, pustules, nodules, cysts, scars, etc. occur, you should go to the hospital for regular treatment in time.

4 Reasonable cope with acne

In fact, acne is not irresistible. As long as you go to the hospital and find the best measures, it can be solved.

For the situation of Kobayashi, there are four main treatment plans:

First, improve lifestyle. Avoid spicy and stimulating food, control fat, sugar foods, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits; avoid using oil, powder skin care cosmetics; avoid squeezing acne with your hands; Increased heat and detoxifying Chinese medicines to improve constipation.

Second, topical drug treatment. External drugs are mainly vitamin A. It is mainly used for acne every night, and antibiotic ointment or peroxyloxide is used during the day.

Furthermore, internal drug treatment. Internal drugs are mainly based on different -dimensional A -acid drugs such as Tyls. This drug can reduce sebum secretion and control abnormal keratinization.

It should be noted that when choosing internal drug treatment, you must pay attention to contraception, and the side effects that may have dry skin and mucous membranes should be dealt with correctly. At the same time, oral tetracycline antibiotics can inhibit acne propyate and inflammatory cells, and should be used to avoid drug resistance.

Finally, physical therapy. 1450NM laser, strong pulse light (IPL), pulse dye laser and dot matrix laser are one of the effective methods for treating acne and acne scars, and can also be combined with drugs.

Acne is not terrible. The girls who love beauty cannot disturb their lives by this problem, let alone choose a remedy to take detours. When you find that acne cannot be eliminated, you may wish to adjust your daily diet. Light is always intentional to be healthy. Of course, in life, you should also maintain a good attitude, which also has an important role in the elimination of acne.

Therefore, girls, from now on, keep in mind: correct acne is essential!

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