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How to deal with the influenza of children?

Popular cold is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza virus, and it is also a disease with strong infectious and fast transmission speed. There is a period of time in a cold seasons every year, and often a cold alone, which infects a bunch of people with a cold. Popular colds are because the air contains bacteria and germs. People with weak resistance will be infected, forming a cold, and children are particularly prone to cold due to incomplete physical development.

Children’s popular colds usually have symptoms such as dizziness, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough and other symptoms. Some can also attract children’s fever. It is to attract parents’ attention and treat them in time. So what are the treatments for children with influenza?

One of children’s popular cold treatment methods: take medicine

Because it is easy to cause complications such as tonsillitis, pneumonia and other complications if you do not pay attention to the early stage of an influential cold. Features of recurrence. Therefore, after taking medicine to cure a cold, parents should pay attention to it for a while to prevent children from catching a cold again.

Two of children’s popular cold treatment: supplement sleep

During the cold during the cold, due to the virus in the body, children will have drowsiness. Supplementing more sleep and drinking plenty of water can help the cold recovery. Generally, when the cold, you will be more afraid of cold. When the child sleeps, parents should cover the child a little quilt to avoid cold and heavy colds. If the child has the symptoms of nasal congestion, parents should help their children to rest after passing their noses, so as not to cause dyspnea or suffocation. The nose can be used to drive wind oil, or drink hot water to pass through the nose.

Pediatric influenza treatment method 3: Light diet

During a cold, children may have a bad appetite. If you ca n’t eat things, at this time, parents need to cook more light food for children to eat to ensure the child’s nutrition. If you ca n’t eat things for a long time, it will cause weakness and cold.

Now we already know the treatment of influenza influenza in children. In normal life, in addition to taking more care of their children, parents must also find ways to improve their children’s physical fitness, such as urging children to eat more, exercise more, develop good ones, and develop good ones. Healthy physical fitness can reduce the probability of colds.

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