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How to deal with the room items after the mercury is broken

After the thermometer of the mercury is crushed, do not use a vacuum cleaner.Because mercury will be blown into the indoor air by the vacuum cleaner, it increases the probability of inhaling the respiratory tract inhalation of mercury steam.Do not sweep with a broom when cleaning, because the broom will spread.

However, the commonly used mercury thermometer in some small places, and the temperature detected by mercury thermometer is relatively accurate.But there are some children in the home, it may accidentally break the thermometer

For the mercury thermometer for everyone, almost every family has a mercury thermometer.If you accidentally lose the mercury thermometer, go to the pharmacy to buy one. If you accidentally break it, then clean the residue.

Pure, copyright belongs to the authors, welcome personal forwarding and sharing friends who are working in the hospital recently have a minority patient with mercury poisoning.Because the mother accidentally broke a mercury thermometer at home, the mother immediately dragged it.

During the epidemic, mercury thermometers are widely used in the medical field and ordinary families, but during the use, due to the characteristics of fragmented thermometer, mercury thermometers may occur.Mercury in the thermometer of mercury.

In this epidemic, I teach you two skills, one is to wear a mask, and the other is the body temperature.There are many kinds of thermometers we usually use, from warming guns to ear temperature guns, with a variety of, but long -term mercury body temperature.

Have you used a mercury thermometer at home? The mercury thermometer is cheap and accurate, so many people will be prepared at home.But whether it is mercury or electronics, it will cause breaks due to disappointment.

Mercury, commonly known as “mercury”, is liquid metal at normal temperature. Silver white mercury can volatilize at room temperature. Mergam vapor is easily adsorbed by walls or clothing. For example, cleaning the unsustainable volatilization and cause secondary pollution to the environment.

After sprinkling with mercury: Mercury steam is poisonous, suck in and hurt your body! First of all, we will be surrounded to prevent mercury from rolling around, leisure people, etc., turn off the ventilation system, and the surrounding heating device.

Cultivation of mercury body thermometer caused poisoning death? The method of dealing with the thermometer of the mercury body/why the busy mother thought of writing this is probably because the busy treasure was high in the previous two days, and the little devil refused to cooperate. I couldn’t use it at all.

How to deal with the room items after the mercury is broken

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