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How to deal with underarm odor odors?Is microwave treatment reliable?

Medical Guidance: Mao Guangyu, the attending physician of plastic surgery of Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital

A underarm odor itself is a normal physiological phenomenon, which should be objectively more or less. Because the vast majority of people are too little and too light, they and others will not notice it; only less smells are not pathological, and they can ignore it.

But if you feel that this odor affects the feelings of the people around you, affect your good impression in the hearts of others, affect your social and self -esteem, and even affect your psychological health, then it becomes a pathological problem that requires medical treatment. Support.

Mild underarm odor, three treatments can be selected

Since the odor is due to the production of bacteria on the surface of the skin on the surface of the skin, the mechanism of treatment should include three links: prevent too much sweat from the sweat glands in our body, cut off sweat transportation chain, kill the skin, kill the skin Bacteria.

For mild odor patients, using simple, non -invasive non -surgical treatment methods can effectively alleviate the odor:

1. Drug rubbing: Frequent bathing and cleaning the armpit skin, shaving the armpit hair and keeping clean. Local application of aluminum, zinc salt, alcohol, etc. to inhibit sweat transportation and kill skin bacteria; cover up unpleasant underarm odor with perfume. At present, there are various external drug sales such as sweat -proof dew. These methods are simple and easy, but the maintenance time is short.

2. Physical therapy: Laser, high -frequency electronic needles, freezing, etc. are used. The method is to destroy the sweat glands through thermal or cold effects in the axillary hair area, and to block the exclusion of the glandular secretion through the formation of the skin scar tissue. The treatment effect maintains a short time and has a certain recurrence rate.

3. Injection treatment: At present, type A botulinum toxin is often used for local injection of underarms to treat underarm odor and sweat. Type A botulinum toxin can selectively inhibit the neurotraphy of neuromuscular connector to release acetylcholine, thereby inhibiting the effects of inhibiting sweat from sweat glands, and less underarian skin humidity environment. It has a controversial mechanism of the direct effects of underarm odor. Clinical studies have confirmed that the axillary glands under the axillary odor after receiving local injection of type A botulinum toxin. One injection effect can generally reach about half a year.

Medium -weight underarm odor, need to consider surgical treatment

For patients with medium -weight underarm odor, the above non -surgical methods often cannot achieve good treatment effects. Surgical treatment is the only way to achieve cure.

However, some scholars have pointed out that underarm odor itself is not a disease, no treatment is required, let alone cure. The purpose of treatment is to reduce the odor and improve self -confidence.

The principle of surgical treatment is to remove the big sweat glands from the root. The scope of surgery is generally based on the range of the armpit.

Traditional underarm odor surgery will remove the skin of the entire axillary hair area, forming a wide and long scar, which not only affects the aesthetics, but also may limit the upper limbs. It has been eliminated.

The commonly used surgery is mainly to achieve the purpose of removing the sweat glands through various small incisions.

After surgery, the surgical area needs to be bandaged with dressing to limit shoulder joint activity to prevent hematoma formation, skin necrosis, and the wounds are dry and clean to prevent infection.

Microwave treatment method rise

In recent years, a new treatment method of microwave underarm odor has been recognized by the US FDA, the EU CE and China CFDA. The main principle is to use microwave patented technology to focus on conveying heat energy, accurately destroy the subcutaneous sweat glands tissue, and permanently reduce the sweat, odor and hair of underarms.

Compared with surgical treatment, the epidermis after microwave treatment is non -traumatic, that is, there is no trace. The recovery process does not affect the shoulder joint activity. While destroying the sweat glands, it destroys the sweat glands and solves the problem of the sweat under the armpit.

For patients with residual patients who have undergone surgery treatment, the plan to be treated again needs to be comprehensively considered according to the patient’s underarms scar (scope, thickness, etc. of scars, thickness, etc.), the degree of residual odor, and the distribution of armpit hair. It can be determined after sufficient communication between patients.

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The hot issues encountered in the outpatient clinic of underarm odor

Because of the special clinic of “underarm odor” every Monday afternoon, I often encounter various problems with patients with consultation. Now I will summarize the main hot issues I encountered in the theme clinic of the underarm odor as follows to readers:

1. How do teenagers choose the treatment plan?

The scope of underarm odor surgery and microwave therapy is mainly based on the growth range of armpit hair and the scope of the sweat glands. Therefore, surgery is generally performed after the adolescence of patients. Those who are too old may be residual after treatment. The probability of recurrence.

For young people who have not yet developed, it is generally recommended to choose topical drug treatment or inject type A botulinum toxin treatment.

If the patient is under the age of 18 and the clinical symptoms are indeed very obvious, it seriously affects its psychological development, and after fully communicating with parents and obtaining the understanding of the family, surgery or microwave treatment can also be considered, but the scope of treatment should be appropriately expanded.

2. Can underarm odor cure?

Although there are many treatments for underarm odor, because some big sweat glands are not directly split on the skin through the hair follicles, the distribution range of the sweat glands is not concluded, so any treatment can be completely removed. It cannot be cured.

On the other hand, underarm odor is a normal physiological phenomenon, not a pathological state. Patients can completely improve their confidence by reducing the odor, without too much entanglement to whether it can be cured.

3. What is the working principle of microwave?Energy accurate transmission: The most ideal microwave frequency 5.8GHz can accurately pass the energy to the junction of the dermis layer and the fat (the area distributed by sweat glands and sweat glands).

Energy gathers in specific areas: with the magnetic performance reflection of electricity, energy can gather in areas where sweat glands and big sweat glands are distributed, effectively destroying the sweat glands.

Treatment temperature: The temperature of the treatment energy is maintained at 60 ° C to effectively destroy the sweat glands, maintain the continuity effect, the cooling system is reduced by 15 ° C to protect the epidermis and the top of the leather layer is not heated.

4. Who can’t treat microwave treatment?

There are heart pacemakers or other implanted electronic instruments;

Use oxygen replenishment;

There have been local injection anesthesia (such as: local anesthetic (lidocaine) and adrenaline, drugs that interfere with numb effects, etc.);

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Pregnant woman;

Potential skin diseases;

A person who had performed any underarms (lymphatic cleaning, etc.).

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