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How to detect breast cancer early?Don’t miss 5 signals

Most women who suffer from breast cancer in the early days are unknown. When it is fully discovered, it is already in the middle and late stages. If you can find it early to be treated in time, what is the early symptoms of breast cancer?

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1. A presence of nipples

The early symptoms of breast cancer may have nipples. If the nipples have a blood -sized discharge or pus -like overflow, you must be careful. Go to the hospital for relevant treatment examinations in time.

2. Breast lumps

Early symptoms of breast cancer will be accompanied by the appearance of breast lumps, but not all patients with breast cancer will appear lumps, and breasts often have discomfort, especially menopause women who have entered menopause. Frequent breast pain or discomfort on one side of the breast, or the discomfort of sinking, soreness on one side of the shoulder, and even the upper arm pain on the side of this side.

3. The breast shape changes

Early breast cancer symptoms may occur in the shape of the breast, and the skin of the breasts of the breast clearly see that the skin is raised, and there is a state like orange peel. In severe cases, symptoms such as edema and eczema.

4. Axillary lymphadenopathy

Some breast cancer patients will have early -stage armpit lymph nodes. This symptom is not all patients with breast cancer. Previous doctors suggested that when the breast self -examination was performed, do not ignore the inspection of the lump of the armpit, because this axillary lymph node mass is relatively hard, and it can be pushed and transformed. In the late stage, it may also be transferred to the migraling lymph nodes that the collarbone and the opposite armpit are touching.

5. Skin changes

Early symptoms of breast cancer will change skin changes. Because the breast mass is relatively large, and the growing parts are lighter. The lumps are sticking with the skin, which will make the skin appear in a state of depression, just like that dimple The state is the same. If it reaches the late stage of breast cancer, because the cancer cells will block the lymphatic vessels, a symptom like an orange skin will be presented.

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