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How to diagnose liver sclerosis?These methods can

do you know? In China, liver cirrhosis is a common digestive disease, with an annual incidence of about 17/100,000, which is more common in men aged 20-50. Generally speaking, the sooner the liver cirrhosis is discovered, the better the treatment effect, and the better the prognosis effect.

Although the early performance of liver cirrhosis is hidden and it is not easy to be detected, there are still many scientific ways to be discovered as soon as possible. Let’s find out today.

How to diagnose liver sclerosis? These methods can

Serum examination

At present, serum symbols mainly include fibrobin, serum hyaluronic acid, prolitic hydroxylase, proline peptidase, etc. synthesized by reaction cells. Common liver function -related conventional laboratory examinations, such as AST, ALT, GGT, ALP, total bilirubin, platelet count, etc.

Film degree exam

It mainly includes B -ultrasound, C, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and liver fibrosis scan. For example, the B -ultrasound can provide a diagnostic basis, which is mainly manifested in the following five aspects. First, the size and location of the liver; second, the corners and forms of the liver membrane; third, the liver is substantial, and the liver enlargement can be seen in the early stage; fourth, the spleen is enlarged and can be accompanied by ascites.

Liver puncture pathological science examination

The “gold standard” diagnosed with liver cirrhosis is the pathological examination of liver puncture tissue. The widespread fiber and leaflet structure of the liver are destructive to be the main characteristics of the fake lobular leaflets. However, because liver puncture is a creative and inspection method, patients have a certain resistance and may occur in complications, and clinical applications have received certain restrictions.

These methods can be diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. If necessary, you can go to the hospital for relevant testing, detect liver cirrhosis as soon as possible, and treat as soon as possible. At present, after the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, systematic standardized treatment should be performed as soon as possible. For patients with cirrhosis during compensation, the main treatment goals are to prevent loss of compensation. For patients with severe liver cirrhosis, the main treatment purpose is to prevent further loss of compensation, avoid liver transplantation and death.

After discovering liver cirrhosis, you must actively treat it, and you must not taboo for the doctor.

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