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How to diet for chronic gastritis in children

Benbin is 6 years old. He usually loves snacks, is full of hunger, and has no regular eating. Half a year ago, the child often had pain in the middle and upper abdomen and umbilicus, and the abdominal pain time was not fixed. The mother thought that the child had tapeworms in his belly, so he bought the deworming medicine for him, but he repeatedly driven it, and did not see the insects. The abdominal pain was not relieved. He had no choice but to get the hospital to check the gastroscopy. As a result, he was confirmed to be chronic gastritis.

The 3 -year -old Shunshun has been in poor stomach for several months, and sometimes vomiting has been vomited shortly after eating. Recently, his complexion is not good. The color of the stool is dark. Shunshun suffers from chronic gastritis with anemia and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Chronic gastritis of children is not uncommon

Chronic gastritis has occurred in adults, but in recent years, children with chronic gastritis in pediatric clinics are not uncommon, and there is a tendency to increase year by year, especially preschool children aged 3 to 6. Chronic gastritis in children is more common in gastritis, and atrophic gastritis is relatively rare.

The lesions of gastritis are mainly in the gastrointestinal sinus. The reason is that it has a certain relationship with the invasion of pylori. It can be said that it is the “culprit” for forming gastritis. Other incentives include greedy cold drinks, rhythmic diet, picky food, love to eat fried food, etc.

Due to the poor eating habits and long -term uncontrollable eating, gastric acid and gastric protease are secreted, and gastric mucosal edema and erosion are used. Excessive cold drinks make the submucosal blood vessels shrink and thinner the mucosal layer, forming chronic gastritis.

In recent years, the treatment of western medicine has adopted drugs that reduce gastric acid and eliminate gastobacterium. It has a certain effect on gastritis of children’s gastrointestinal sinusitis. It also often uses drugs that strengthen mucosal defense capabilities. However, some children still have poor curative effects and need to be combined with Chinese and Western medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of gastritis. It is commonly used to clear heat and regulate qi and regulate the spleen and stomach, such as dandelion, scutellaria baicalensis, white peony, Chenpi, Wuyao, yam, incense, Yanhu, wooden shell, woody fragrance, north Sand ginseng and other. There are also some proprietary Chinese medicines that are also widely used for treatment, but the above drugs should be taken according to the doctor’s order.

Diet conditioning cannot be ignored

Diet conditioning is very important for chronic gastritis for healing children. The general principle is that food needs “fine, soft, tender, rotten”, and children are individuals of growth and development. Therefore, foods are also nutritious, such as milk, stewed eggs, fish, soy products, noodles, porridge, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. Essence

In addition, you can eat some foods that are helpful to gastric digestion, such as yam, lentils, lotus seeds, chicken buns, pork belly, rice nen, etc. Foods that should not be eaten are celery, bamboo shoots, fat, various fried foods. The following diet therapy is suitable for children’s application:

1. 500 grams of white radish and 150 grams of honey. Cut the radish and cook them in boiling water. Remove it for half a day, then add honey inside the pot to boil with low heat, mix well, cool the bottle, take 3 tablespoons daily. Suitable for children with gastrointestinal pain, ghosts, and acid reflux.

2. Milk 220ml, 30 grams of honey, 1 quail egg. Boil the milk first, hit the quail egg, and then cook for a few minutes. Take every morning. Suitable for children with stomach pain, thirst, dullness, and constipation.

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3. 20 grams of sugar, rush into 250 ml of soy milk, and drink on an empty stomach after boiling. Suitable for children with hidden pain in the stomach, not warm hands and feet, and fear of cold.

4. 50 grams of lotus seeds, glutinous rice, and rice nen, 15 grams of brown sugar. The lotus seeds are soaked in boiling water, peeled off the heart. After adding the pot, add water and boil for 30 minutes. After adding japonica and rice kernel to boil, simmer on low heat until rotten, and eat brown sugar. Suitable for children with pain, weight loss, loss of appetite, and greasy tongue.

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)


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