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How to distinguish between bronchitis and asthma?

Many people have long -term cough after a cold, and even develop into rhinitis. Some also have asthma. Patients often doubt these symptoms: whether the cold is not cured, or chronic bronchitis (old slow branch), or asthma or asthma relapse? Because of confusion, patients were taken to delay the disease, and the treatment was more expensive. So how to distinguish triminal bronchitis and asthma? Zhang Fengrong, the Department of breathing of Beijing Guoji Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, gave the answer, which is about the following points:

From the perspective of the age of onset: patients with asthma are young or younger when they are young or young, and about L/5 patients have a family genetic history. The slow branch is more common in middle -aged or elderly people, and there is no family history.

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From the perspective of the disease season and seizure: asthma is high in spring and autumn, and patients can return to normal after taking drugs, maybe for a long time without occurring; main performance. After the attack was relieved, there was still a long -term chronic cough, asthma, and sputum.

From the perspective of clinical symptoms: asthma generally does not have sputum, but is characterized by cough and asthma. The old slow cough and sputum are severe, and the sound of breathing is usually coughing.

From the perspective of drug treatment: asthma is mostly caused by allergens. Generally, hormone drugs are taken to expand the trachea. The old slow branches are mostly virus infection and induced.

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