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How to drop pulse fast

First of all, the cause of rapid heart rate needs to be determined. For normal or high blood pressure, and fast heart rate, you can consider controlling drugs such as Pisolistololol.You can also use non -dihydrogen pyrine calcium antagonists, including dectinezo, which can slow the heart rate and the pulse will also decrease.In addition, to find the cause of fast pulse, it can be seen in anemia, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, various fast arrhythmias, and respiratory diseases, which causes hypoxia in the body and increases heartbeat and pulse.To correct anemia for primary diseases, treat hyperthyroidism, control blood pressure, use anti -arrhythmia drugs to treat rapid arrhythmia or radio frequency ablation surgery.Function.After positive treatment for the cause, the pulse will also decrease.Conditional disorders are mainly caused by various types of organic heart disease.Due to the cause of primary heart disease and the complexity of the clinical type, the clinical type and specific treatment plan caused by the cause of heart disease caused by different causes.Generally include drug therapy, electrical compound treatment, intervention therapy and surgical treatment.Electric compounding is a treatment method that uses current to restore the arrhythmia to normal sinus arrhythmia.Low -voltage currents pass through the patch connected to the patient’s chest wall into the body.Suitable for various ectopic fast arrhythmias, especially those with invalid drug treatment.Clinically, atrial fluttering, atrial fibrillation, ventricular fluttering and ventricular fibrillation can be treated in this method.The prognosis is usually related to the severity, treatment and treatment of the disease.

In addition to timely and effective treatment, daily life management is also very important.Daily care pays more attention to the psychological and lifestyle of patients.When a heart disease seizures, patients need to bed immediately to minimize the activity.After the condition is stable, appropriate activities should be performed as soon as possible.The increase in the activity should be gradual, you can consult relevant medical personnel.Improve the living environment, expand the area of greening, reduce noise, and prevent various environmental pollution.Quit smoking is an important precautions for heart disease in life.Avoid crowded places.Viral myocarditis, dilated cardiomyopathy, coronary heart disease, and rheumatic heart disease are all related to virus infections.Even heart failure is often aggravated due to upper respiratory infections.

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