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How to eat healthy liver cirrhosis?Teach you today

Liver cirrhosis, this familiar and unfamiliar term. It is familiar because more and more people now have liver hardening.

It is strange to say that it is because everyone does not know much about cirrhosis. Many knowledge about liver cirrhosis is hearing, not very scientific.

If you have cirrhosis, you must not only treat it in time, but also pay attention to your daily diet. Today, let me tell you what the daily diet of patients with cirrhosis need to pay attention to.

1 Don’t eat too hard food

Patients with liver cirrhosis eat rough foods such as nuts and fish thorns. If they do not chew slowly, they may be scratched or pierced by blood vessels and cause severe bleeding. Someone must think you are too exaggerated? That’s a thin paper towel.

In fact, it is mainly because the liver cirrhosis can cause the lower end of the esophagus and the thick blood vessels at the bottom of the stomach and the thin blood vessel walls. Such rough foods are likely to break through the blood vessels. If you think about it, you feel horrible.

2 Don’t eat too much sugar

The liver cells of patients with cirrhosis are severely damaged, and the ability of the liver to convert sugar has decreased a lot, and it cannot be effectively transformed. If patients with liver cirrhosis continue to take sugar in a long time, diabetes may be obtained, adding a lot of difficulty to the follow -up treatment of liver cirrhosis.

3 Don’t eat too much salt

On the one hand, patients with cirrhosis have weakened the function of antidium urea, which led to a sharp decrease in urine volume, and salt stayed in the body. On the other hand, due to the low level of plasma protein, patients with liver cirrhosis would cause lower limb edema and ascites.

4 Don’t smoke and drink

As we all know, long -term drinking is likely to cause alcoholic gastritis or alcoholic cirrhosis. In fact, many people don’t know that alcohol has a direct toxic effect on our liver cells.

Smoking can also cause great damage to our liver. Nicotine in cigarettes can shrink our blood vessels, lead to insufficient blood supply to the liver, affect the overall condition of the liver, and is not conducive to the treatment of patients with cirrhosis.

5 Do not consume too much protein

It should be noted that patients with cirrhosis should not eat too much foods containing protein, rather than not eating foods containing protein.

Patients with cirrhosis need to eat a little more protein because they can promote the recovery and regeneration of liver tissue to a certain extent.

However, if you take too much protein, because of the disease of the liver, the liver cannot convert the intake protein to non -toxic substances, which will lead to the occurrence of liver coma and affect the treatment of liver hardening.

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