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How to fight the yellow campaign for ten babies and eight yellows?

Newborn jaundice is a common disease in the new period. When the skin of the newborn baby suddenly becomes yellow, some parents are either panicked and barely, fearing that the baby will have any problems, and some parents calmly believe that many babies will have jaundice after birth after birth. It means that jaundice is just a small problem, so you don’t need to control it.

What is the newborn jaundice?

Newborn jaundice is a yellow stained skin or other organs caused by bilirubin accumulation in the body. Generally speaking, the bilirubin in the newborn blood exceeds 5-7 mg/dl, and the naked eye can appear visible to the naked eye.

The deputy chief physician of Nie Chuan, a newborn department of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, pointed out that neonatal jaundice can be a physiological phenomenon in the process of growth and development. Babies with higher levels of erythrin, bilirubin can also break through the blood brain barrier into the brain, and biliary encephalopathy occurs. Once bilirubin enters the brain, it can leave different degrees of nervous system sequelae, and even more serious or even It can also threaten the baby’s life.

Therefore, novice parents need not worry too much about the newborn jaundice, but they cannot take it lightly. When encountering the baby’s jaundice, experts suggest that parents can make a preliminary judgment from several aspects:

1. The time when jaundice appears and fades: Generally speaking, the physiological jaundice of the full moon baby usually appears 2-3 days after birth, and it can gradually disappear at 5-7 days. The time for premature bred jaundice can be extended to within 3-4 weeks. However, if the baby’s jaundice starts to appear within 24 hours, or the baby’s jaundice has not faded for more than two weeks, the jaundice of premature babies has not faded for more than one month, or the jaundice that had already been retreated has disappeared. , “Volume a comeback”, then, this may not be as simple as physiological jaundice.

2. The degree of jaundice: From the perspective of the naked eye, if it is only white and slightly yellow, and the body is not obvious, it is mild jaundice. The feet are yellow, so the degree of jaundice is more serious. However, if the light is insufficient or the baby’s skin is darker, it is difficult for parents to rely on the naked eye to accurately judge the degree of jaundice, so generally not to advocate the way parents use the naked eye judgment. Elin or serum bilirubin value to judge the severity of jaundice. If the jaundice period is 4-5 days of jaundice, the baby’s jaundice value is only within 200 μ mol/L. Temporarily within the scope of safety.

3. Status: During the jaundice period, parents need to closely observe the baby’s mental state. Once they find that the baby’s mental state is not good, the sucking power becomes worse, or it is easy to stimulate, it is difficult to soothe the irritable state, so it needs to be needed. Be vigilant.

For physiological jaundice, because the symptoms are mild, there is generally no special treatment. What needs to be done is: early sucking and breastfeeding. The number of breastfeeding times a day is not less than 8-12 times. This is because, if you feed much more, you can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and make the stool more, so as to establish a normal intestinal flora to reduce intestinal and liver circulation to facilitate the decline of jaundice. In addition, the sun is also a good way to help the baby’s yellowing, but you need to pay attention to some techniques when the sun. First of all, choose the time when the morning and evening sun ultraviolet rays are not so strong. The bedside or balcony in the home allows natural light to illuminate BB, which also has a certain effect of degeneration. Be careful not to expose it across the glass. It may be exposed to the head, torso, and limbs, but you need to pay attention to the protection of the eyes and avoid cold.

As for feeding boiling water or sugar water, can it be yellow? In fact, without dehydration, there is no need to add additional water and sugar water without breastfeeding. In addition, there are some parents who like to use soil methods, such as honeysuckle and other traditional Chinese medicines to wash their babies. Is this reliable? In fact, there is no direct study that washing these Chinese medicines can help return yellow, but for some babies with G6PD, this “earth method” may ask for his life: G6PD lack of red blood cells’ brittleness decreased, and freshmen are in freshmen. Children’s periods will also show jaundice, and some traditional Chinese medicines (such as gold and silver flowers, yellow lotus, pearl powder, etc.) can induce such patients with hemolysis, causing jaundice to worsen, and even danger of life. Therefore yellow.

For some pathological jaundice babies, what parents need to do is to actively cooperate with doctors to find the cause and actively cooperate with treatment to minimize the damage. (Correspondent: Peng Wenbin Lin Huifang)

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