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How to find out cervical polyps

Cervical polyps can be found through gynecological examinations.

Cervical polyps are local hyperplasia of cervical glands and interception, and polyps are highlighted on the outer mouth of the cervix.At present, the exact cause of the disease is not very clear, but it may be related to chronic cervicitis and infection.Patients have no obvious symptoms, but some patients also have uncomfortable menstruation and abnormal vaginal bleeding.The shape of cervical polyps is like fingers, bulbs, or fine stems.It can be red, purple or gray -white, ranging from a few millimeters to a few centimeters.At present, the cause of cervical polyps is not very clear, but it may be related to chronic inflammation reactions, cervical infections, uterine attachment blood vessels and estrogen levels.Cervical polyps can be found through simple gynecological examinations.In most cases, cervical polyps are caused by chronic inflammation of the cervix and are usually benign, but there are also 1%-3%opportunities to change malignant changes.So female friends should go to the hospital for gynecological examinations to see if there are cervical polyps.Cervical polyps, irregular vaginal bleeding, leucorrhea blood, and bleeding of the same room also occur.If the above situation occurs, you should go to the hospital for relevant examination as soon as possible.Once the cervical polyps are found, the pathological examination is required in time, and the next treatment plan is determined according to the pathological examination.Pay more attention to hygiene and keep the vulva clean and dry.

Maintain a reasonable and healthy lifestyle, work and rest, work and rest, ensure sufficient sleep and rest, and do not work too much.After the condition is stable, appropriate exercise will help enhance physical fitness.Before the wound is fully recovered after surgery, sexual life and bath should be avoided.Develop good personal hygiene habits to avoid putting underwear in washing machines with other clothing.Regular changes in underwear every two months can reduce the growth of bacteria, avoid infection, and consume enough nutrients every day.Fish, lean meat, tofu and tofu are rich in protein, which helps to restore health.

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