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How to first aid by joint dislocation

Between bones and bones, connecting joint capsules and ligaments to joints. The joint dislocation is usually the joint capsule rupture and ligament damage due to trauma, which changes the normal relationship between the two bones. This dislocation is also known as external injury joint dislocation. If the dislocated joint surface does not contact each other at all, it is called completely dislocative. If there are still some contactors, they are not completely dislocated.

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The reasons for joint dislocation are direct external and indirect external forces, which are more common. The dislocation joints are the most prone to occur with shoulders, elbows, hip and chin, fingers and other parts. The dislocation is mainly due to the joints and pain after the injury. When there is no fracture, the local hematoma is not obvious. In the superficial joints, the smooth joints can be touched, the joint activity is lost, and sometimes it is accompanied by blood vessel nerves. Sudden sounds may occur when dislocation, but it is difficult for infants and young children to find it.


1. Make the affected area quietly fixed into the most comfortable position.

2. Use cold and humid cloth, do not rehabilitate the original part of the site for yourself.

3. The dislocation may be a fracture accident, and the doctor should be treated early and resubmitted to the original state.

When dislocation occurs, sudden sounds may occur, the joints deform, and conscious symptoms such as movement or pain. But it is difficult to find a child or baby.

The longer the dislocation time, the more difficult it is to treat it. If you are not familiar with the skeletal tissue, do not recover the dislocation site at will, so as not to cause damage to the blood vessels or nerve lines. Sometimes when the joint is dislocated, the finger joints that tighten the dislocation may restore the original state. However, due to the dislocation, it is also possible to cause the blood vessels or ligament hearing damage and fractures of the joints of the joints, so it should be assisted by the doctor for treatment early.

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When the lower palate is dislocated, the mouth will be opened, and the phenomenon of drooling or salivating cannot be turned into drooling or salivating, or the buttix cannot be opened. In addition, when falling or exercising, the upper limbs are rotated outside the outside. The hands or elbow joints are first on the ground, which is the most likely to cause the shoulder joint dislocation. If it is too strong to drag children, it is also easy to elbow dislocation, and the arms cannot be held up or suffering from suffering. If the dislocation occurs, no matter how much injury is it, the doctor should be treated as early as possible and the recovery treatment is performed.

After rehabilitation, no matter what time, the cold wet cloth is used, and at the same time, you must not perform excessive exercise immediately. Like sprain or injury, don’t take a bath immediately. In addition, if patients with dislocation, fractures, or injuries to the hand, remember to take off from a healthy one first. On the contrary, when wearing clothes, we should be worn by one side of the affected part.

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