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How to fried fish without sticking to the three ways to get it thoroughly

The fried fish seems simple. As long as you throw the fish into the pot, it seems that the iron shovel is fine, but many people are difficult to hold by the same problem. Every time the fish is fried, the fish will stick to the pot. This will As a result, the fish was gradually burnt. What should I do? How to solve the problem of fried fish being sticking to the pan, the following three methods let you get it.

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Method 1: Heating oil

Wash the pot first, and then boil the pan. Pay attention when boiling. Don’t be too fierce, but you must steam the water inside to pour the oil. At this time, it is best to put the oil evenly. When smoking, it means that the pot is hot and the oil is hot, and the fish can be put in at this time.

Method two: Ginger juice

This is another technique, which is slightly more complicated than the above steps, because it adds one more step. After boiling the pot, you do n’t need to pour oil at this time. Instead, pour ginger juice. After pouring the ginger juice, you will pour the oil. In this way, you will not only let the fish stick to the pot, but you can also remove the fish of the fish. taste.

Method 3: dipped flour

This method of fried fish is a bit different from the above two types. The above is to start with the pot. This method is to get the fish. After washing the fish, you can dip the flour. After the oil is hot, you can put the fish directly into the pot. The frying fish is not only sticky, but the fish is still a whole piece.

The fried fish does not stick to the pan. This is a tips in life. I have mastered the three methods above, and I have been sticking to the pan when they are not shooting fried fish. As a common dish, there are many ways to not stick to the pan, but it can be sufficient to cope with the above method.

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