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How to get genital warts

Condyloma acuminatum is a more common sexually transmitted disease in clinical practice. It is because of the infection of human papilloma virus. It is generally through sexual life. disease.

Condyloma acuminatum is a sexually transmitted disease caused by human papilloma virus, also known as HPV virus infection, and men and women may suffer from condyloma acuminatum. Condyloma acuminatum is generally spread through sexual contact and sexual behavior. If women have a close relationship with those with genital warts, or those who have HPV infection, and the skin and mucous membranes of their own vulva genitals and other parts have tiny cracks or damage, the opponent’s virus particles may invade their skin’s skin , Usually copy and proliferate in local cells on the skin, which leads to local wart -shaped rash, that is, condyloma acuminatum.

The incubation period of condyloma acuminatum is generally 1-8 months, with an average of about 3 months. Generally, the symptoms of patients are in the humid area of ​​the skin and mucous membranes around the anus. Essence There are also some women, especially minor women, can be infected by non -direct contact. For example, the clothes or towels, bathtubs, etc. contaminated by HPV virus can also be transmitted by condyloma acuminatum, but relatively rare. If the patient is not treated in time, it will become larger and more in a short time. Therefore, if the patients have suspicious warts, they must go to the hospital for HPV examination and tissue pathological examination to clarify the diagnosis.

Usually patients should pay more attention to rest, avoid eating some spicy food, and the main focus on diet, you can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t smoke, don’t drink, have a good mentality, don’t have negative emotions.

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