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How to “hoard” good medicine during the epidemic period?

A new crown pneumonia epidemic disrupted people’s daily rhythm. During a special period, hospitals have introduced measures to extend chronic disease prescriptions to reduce the number of patients to medical institutions and meet the long -term medication needs of patients. So the question is, how to give them a comfortable and safe “home” in the face of these “long tenants” from the family, especially the common Chinese medicines commonly used by patients with chronic diseases. Woolen cloth?


With these questions, the China Traditional Chinese Medicine Association and Shanghai and Huangyao Industry jointly launched a public science popularization project that “use good Chinese medicine and stored very important”. Fang Shuting, Chairman of the Expert Committee of the Chinese Medicine Association of China, and the Affiliated Long March Hospital Affiliated to the Naval Military Medical University Chen Wansheng, director of the Department of Pharmacy, and Yang Xingchen, deputy director of the Pharmacy Department of Longhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, answered the “four -step” storage of Chinese medicines and answered the “five questions” raised by netizens.

Zhongcheng medicine stored “four steps”

Step 1: Divide the medicines in other classes

1. If there are several people in the family who need to take medicines, they should store the medicines of different family members separately and allocate different “rooms” to avoid being taken by mistake and mistaken.

2. Topical internal and internal medicine should be “separated”. Most of the external medicine contains irritating ingredients and high preservative content, and internal administration will cause serious consequences.

3. Solid medicine for first aid drugs. It is best to save itself alone, placed in an eye -catching and easy position, which is convenient for urgent use.

Step 2: Choose the right place to store

The temperature, humidity and light of the storage environment have a great impact on the quality of Chinese medicine. If the environmental temperature is too high or the sunlight is direct, it is easy to cause the capsule softening adhesion and the effective ingredients in the medicinal wine; the temperature is too low and can cause the precipitation of liquid preparations such as syrup. Excessive humidity can cause particles and scattered moisture inhalation, and small humidity can cause the plaster to lose sticky. Choosing a suitable place to store medicine is essential for ensuring the quality of the medicine.

The location of the family stored in the bedroom and living room is the first choice, which can be placed in a dry and cool locker or drawer; the balcony, bathroom and kitchen are not suitable for storing medicines.

At the same time, it is not recommended to put the proprietary patent in the air -conditioned air outlet, because the general temperature of the air -conditioning outlet is generally low and the humidity is relatively large, which is not conducive to the storage of Chinese medicine.

Step 3: See the storage method description

The composition of Chinese patent medicines is diverse and vulnerable to external environmental influence. It should be stored in accordance with the storage conditions specified in the drug instructions. The storage of most proprietary Chinese medicines follows the six -character tactics of “cool, dry, and avoiding light”. The cooling area means that the temperature of the storage environment does not exceed 20 ° C; drying means that the drug should pay attention to moisture -proof; avoiding light refers to avoiding direct sunlight.

If the preservation temperature is not stated, it generally refers to normal temperature, that is, 10-30 ° C. There are special requirements for storage of individual proprietary Chinese medicines, such as refrigerated or shading. The temperature of the refrigerator is 2-8 ° C, which can be stored in the refrigerator refrigerator (note that it is not a freezer) stored; shading refers to the container placed in opaque, such as brown containers.

Step 4: Clean regularly

After giving the medicine “A Good Home”, you usually need to pay attention to “cleaning” regularly. It is generally recommended to sort out every 3 months to check whether the drug has expired. Expired medicine not only does not play a therapeutic effect, but also produces harmful substances, damage the body, and delay the condition. Therefore, once it expires, do not take it again. Drugs that are near the validity period are best marked with marks to ensure that they are used within the validity period.

In addition, you need to check whether the medicine has deteriorated. Granules, granules, and syrup agents often appear odor after failure; capsules are vulnerable to moisture. If the surface has changed color, or it feels obviously softened, it is not advisable to take it; if the pill smells oil, do not take it again; oral solution, syrup, syrup, syrup You can shake it to see if there is any precipitation.

“Five questions” storage of Chinese medicines

1. What are the storage of Chinese medicines in the rainy season?

The natural ingredients of proprietary Chinese medicines are high, and they are easily affected by changes in the surrounding environment. They are likely to be wet and insect -pests, and they are more stringent. In the rainy season, the temperature is high and humid. Pay attention to finding a dry “small nest” for Chinese medicine, such as small medicine boxes or seal boxes to avoid moisture. However, it is not recommended to put the Chinese medicine directly into the refrigerator to “avoid summer”, unless the storage conditions are indicated in the pharmaceutical manual.

2. After the rainy season, the drug is found to be moisture.

does not work! The medicine is easy to deteriorate after moisture, and it is not recommended to take it. Even if it is not moisture, the medicine cannot be exposed to the sun, but to do sun protection, it should not cause the sun to hurt it.

3. Write on the packaging is valid for 2 years, can I put it for 2 years after opening?

Can’t! The labeled period on the pills is valid for 2 years, which means that the drug can be stored for 2 years when it is not enabled. The storage time after opening is definitely shorter than the uninterrupted time. For non -independent packaging medicines, once the packaging is opened, pay attention to the packaging immediately after taking the medicine, put it in a dry place, or put it in a well -sealed fresh -keeping box.

4. Can the pharmaceutical manual be thrown away?

Can’t! The consequences of throwing away the medicine and instructions of drugs are that there is no way to obtain all the information of the medicine during use, such as adverse reactions, drug interaction, and medication precautions. Therefore, be sure to keep the drug instructions. 5. Can expired medicines be thrown away directly?

Can’t! In a strict sense, expired or deterioration drugs are classified as harmful garbage and cannot be treated as ordinary harmful waste. It is recommended to discard the waste medicine recycling box of hospitals or pharmacies.


Blindly follows the wind hoarding medicine is not desirable

Yang Xingchen, deputy director of the Pharmaceutical Department of Longhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that during the epidemic, in order to prevent infections and reduce the number of medicines to take medicines in the hospital, it is reasonable to reserve some medicines at home, but it does not advocate a large number of drugs. Because patients are not used under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist, they are easy to make mistakes in the aspects of medication, the dosage, and taboos.

So, what drugs can be reserved at home during the epidemic? Fang Shuting, chairman of the Expert Committee of the Chinese Medicine Association of China, suggested that if there are patients with chronic diseases at home, you can prepare some hypoglycemic and antihypertensive drugs; especially patients with coronary heart disease, it is recommended to prepare anti -angina drugs such as musk Baoxin Pills; Prepare some external medicines, eliminate diet, slow -ligament, etc.


Please keep in mind the six -character tactic of “cool, dry, and light”. Put another oil poem as a summary of the Chinese patent medicine:

Temperature and humidity are the first, light and air should be controlled.

The long -term medicine is lost, and the reasonable storage must be remembered.

Honey pills are most afraid of worms and rat rot, and water pills are cool and dry.

Granules are moisture -proof and hair mold, and scattered capsules are the same.

There is no treasure in the wine, do not be effective for hot and cold.

The syrup decoction is timely, and the yellow plum season is not troubled.

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