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How to improve immunity to the three stages of baby’s immunity to see here

The baby’s resistance is poor, and it is easy to get sick. Moms are very worried. Therefore, a more active and effective way is to increase the baby’s physique and improve the baby’s general resistance to the disease. So, what stage is the most likely to happen in bags for low immunity? How to improve the immunity of the bag? Let’s take a look with the editor below.

Three stages of baby’s low immunity

1. Newborn

The baby accepted some antibodies in the mother’s belly, which is equivalent to a natural protection barrier to resist certain diseases. However, because the baby has just been born and the white blood cells are not complete, it is a period of poor resistance.

2. The weaning period and after weaning

After 6 months, breast milk can no longer meet the baby’s nutritional needs, some add supplementary food, and some gradually weaned. The immune supply from breast milk before, and the antibody obtained from the mother’s body was basically exhausted at 6 months of birth. Without breast milk, the baby’s immune advantage disappeared.

3. Enter the kindergarten

With the increase of age, the baby’s own immune system gradually matures, and the ability of antibodies to produce gradually increases. Usually, after 3 years of age, the body’s disease resistance has significantly improved. However, when entering the kindergarten, the living environment has changed, and the contact of the crowd has increased. For more and more extensive germs, the body has not established a corresponding immune mechanism. Therefore, babies are easy to get sick during this period.

How to improve the baby’s immunity

1. Provide enough nutrition

The baby is in the stage of continuous growth and development, and the amount of nutrients is relatively large. However, because the digestive function is not completely mature and the recipes are often monotonous, it is prone to lack of nutrients; insufficient nutrition, the resistance is poor.

Eat more fresh colored vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C (the β-carotene contained in it can be converted into vitamin A in the body) or supplement some diverse vitamin preparations to effectively increase the baby’s resistance.

2. Perform physical exercise

Starting from childhood, the babies after the full moon can lie outdoors for a while in summer. In winter, you can open the window to breathe fresh air indoors, and don’t wear too much clothes.

Outdoor activities can not only make the skin synthesize vitamin D, thereby promoting calcium absorption, but also has a good effect on the development of muscles, bones, respiratory, circulating systems and the whole body metabolism. Frequent exercise can also enhance appetite.

3. Ensure enough sleep

Poor sleep will reduce the number of T cells responsible for virus and tumors in the body, and the chance of illness will increase. Experts suggest that babies grow 8-10 hours a day.

4. Don’t use antibiotics at will

When infection is not very serious, try not to use antibiotics, but rely on your own resistance to exercise the immune system.

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