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How to improve the skin’s dull and white skin method

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Today, female friends are more and more stressed in life. They often stay up late or face computers for a long time, which will easily make the skin dull and worse the skin. So how to improve the dull skin? What are the ways to add white skin? Let ’s share with you!

How to improve the dull skin

1. Basic care

In order to make the skin better care, be sure to wash your face. In the process of washing your face, you need to properly massage with the facial cleanser. By massage, you can not only remove the dirt on the surface of the skin, but also make the skin whitening. At the same time, in the process of choosing a facial cleanser, it is best to use the products of the old waste horny, so as to remove the old waste material as soon as possible.

2. Apply mask

Secondly, if you want to improve the dullness of the skin, you can also apply more masks. Generally speaking, a whitening mask is performed twice a week. In the process of applying the mask, massage should also be properly performed so that it can get better whitening effects. Although it is simple to apply mask, you must use the correct massage method to achieve better results.

3. Chinese medicine to yellow

In addition, the purpose of female friends to go to yellow can apply the mask such as Bai aconite, barley, and Baiyan, etc. This can also have a good whitening effect and promote the blood circulation of the human body. At the same time, it can also nourish the effect of human skin and achieve the role of removing yellow.

By reading above, I believe that female friends already know how to improve the skin’s dullness. For female friends who want to whiten the skin, they can improve their skin through these methods. This will not only improve women’s skin quality, but also make women’s skin whiter.

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