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How to interpret fairy tales for the baby

For many years, the beautiful and warm fairy tale has been interpreted by the parents of the world, becoming a illustration of ideas, and becoming an important way to educate children.

The fairy tales have brought happiness and happiness and happiness for children, making them cry for the little girl who sells matches, joy for Cinderella’s luck, and worry about the long nose of Cao Nuo.

However, when our society is increasingly presenting the signs of “utilitarian”, “complexity” and “kitsch”, in the era of increasingly far away from nature, far away from the fairy tale spirit, troubled by material desires, and confusing contemporary information, face -to -face, face -to -face, face -to -face, face -to -face, face -to -face, face -to -face, face -to -face, face -to -face, face -to -face, face -to -face, face -to -face, face -to -face. For modern children in the multimedia world, can fairy tales still impress their minds? As modern parents, how can we interpret the beautiful fairy tales for children?

Why is Kangkang’s nose not long?

The 4 -year -old nephew suddenly asked me a strange question: “Auntie, why hasn’t the nose of Kangkang (nephew’s partner) not long?” I said, “Why is Kangkang’s nose long?” The little nephew said : “Because he is a child who loves lying.”

It turned out that my sister was an honest person to educate her children. She once told the story of the puppet Cao Nuo to the nephew. Lying, I didn’t feel confused when I had a long nose, so I raised my questions to me: “Kangkang lies but has no long nose, so is the mothers who lie and deceive people? Do you get it? “Educating children’s honest fairy tales were questioned by children, and even considered lies. This is a kind of embarrassment.


Long nose and being eaten by wolves are not the inevitable result of lying. Just like tripping to the ground, it may not be broken, and the punishment of the lying children will be different.

For example, some children lose the trust of their parents because they lie, some will lose their best friends, some are blamed by the teacher … Honesty is a virtue of being a human, and the children who lie will not be loved by anyone. Therefore, children, although lying will not make your nose grow long, and it will not really let you be eaten by the big ash wolf, but you still have to distinguish between right and wrong and be honest and good children.

When the wolf grandmother Dan Dan on the stranger is usually at home or with relatives and acquaintances, he can speak and love to sing and jump. Ask her, she would also face red ears and red, and she spoke babble.

It turned out that this was all caused by “Grandma Wolf”. When Dan Dan was two or three years old, for the safety of his daughter, Dandan’s mother told Dandan’s story to Dandan, and also told Dan Dan: “Don’t walk with strangers. They are all big wolves and will deceive you away. Eat. “Dan Dan was afraid of strangers, and there was a psychological barrier. Until now, no matter how Dan Dan’s explanation, he could not eliminate the shadow that stayed in Dan Dan when he was a child.


To speak and contact strangers, learn to prevent yourself and pay attention to safety.

However, all friends have developed into friends step by step from strange to acquaintance. Therefore, children, “strangers” are not synonymous with “danger and conspiracy”. We don’t have to lock our hearts and imprison ourselves in the narrow circle of family and acquaintances, and make life clear. If you blindly prevent and avoid strange worlds, the world will become more unfamiliar.

Kong Rong can not let pear

On the weekend, the little nephew and the nephew gathered together, playing games, grabbing candy, and busy. Suddenly, the 4 -year -old Beibei came. He said that the 6 -year -old Xinxin was not good. Xinxin justified for myself: “I want to eat big, why do I let him?” 9 -year -old Doudou had another high discussion: “Do you know why Kong Rong let Pear? Eat. This is what I see from a book. What Kong Rong gave Pear was used by parents to cheat children. “


Kong Rong asked Pear to be a traditional virtue we have always advocated. The basic representation of good ideological products is to know how to be modest. It is a manifestation of civilization. Therefore, children, sometimes you should learn Confucian Rong as “pear”. For example, when you are riding, you should give the throne for the old, weak and disabled.

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Sometimes, you have to learn the best “pear”. Because of the random courtesy, some people can enjoy the success and do not think about. Blind courtesy will also make yourself lose a good time. The opportunity for everyone to give everyone is fair, and we must continue to work hard to fight for themselves fairly.

(Intern editor: Lei Yuxuan)

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