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How to judge whether it is chickenpox?Three aspects are obvious!

When the child was young, because the body’s immunity was not very good, there were often some skin problems. Some young parents are not very distinguished from various skin problems. As a result, the child thought that it was eczema. As a result, the treatment was delayed, leaving the child’s face or on his body. Today, let’s tell you how to judge whether it is chickenpox.

In fact, how to judge whether chickenpox is not a difficult thing. As long as you understand the symptoms and characteristics of chickenpox, you can judge whether the child has chickenpox.

One of the symptoms of chickenpox: fever

The earliest symptoms of chickenpox are fever like a cold. The incubation period of chickenpox is generally 1 to 2 weeks. It will only have a fever or chickenpox in a certain period of time. After the fever will be, the chickenpox will be more serious.

This situation is a clear manifestation of chickenpox. If the child has a fever early and without any skin condition, you must pay attention to it. Take your child to the hospital for examination. The earlier the chickenpox treatment, the smaller the harm to the skin.

Symptoms of chickenpox: Infectious

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Chickenpox has a certain contagiousness. If two children are together, one child has a fever, and the other child has a fever after two days. This may also be a manifestation of chickenpox.

On the other hand, in the early days of chickenpox, the child’s skin surface will have some redness and itchy feeling. If it is a infant with chickenpox, it will also scratch the skin while fever, which may also be a symptom of chickenpox. At this time, we need to take our children to the hospital in a timely manner to check whether the possibility of suffering from chickenpox.

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