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How to keep healthy and beautiful aloe have magical effects

Aloe vera is the most natural health food and beauty supplies. Correct consumption and use of aloe vera have great benefits to the body. Aloe vera has the effects of anti -cancer, enhanced human immunity, anti -aging, and preventing hypertension; if the body has allergic symptoms, it can also be used to use aloe vera can be relieved; because aloe contains a lot of hydrolyzed enzymes and lactate, etc. The effect of swelling and pain; for small problems such as eczema, burns, etc., the effect of aloe is also particularly significant.

How to maintain beauty and beauty, aloe vera has magical effects

First, aloe aloe biological drink. Materials: 120 grams of aloe meat, 1 grasses of wheat, 300 ml of mineral water, and an appropriate amount of honey. Method: First, peel the aloe to cut the meat into small granules, and then put the mineral water and wheat grass in the juicer. Finally, add the cut aloe and honey to season. It is worth reminding that because aloe is easier to crack, the speed should not be too fast when stirring, otherwise it will affect the taste. The nutrition of wheat grass is also quite rich, known as “green blood”, which can enhance the human body’s immunity.

Second, lemon aloe honey drink. Materials: 120 grams of aloe meat, 20 ml of lemon juice, 20 ml of honey, and 80 ml of mineral water. Method: Cut the green skin into small granules, put the aloe, lemon juice and honey together into the juicer, and adjust it to a slow 5 seconds to drink fresh fruit juice with flesh. It is very simple to make fruit juice at home, especially to come to a glass of juice in the hot summer day, which can not only play a role in cooling the heat. At the same time, it can play a beauty and health, clear the intestines and detoxify, help the defecation, and maintain the skin.

third. Aloe aloe Sasisi. Materials: 300 grams of aloe vera, soy sauce, mustard sauce or a little bit of beauty, a moderate amount of honey. Method: Put the aloe vera into small strips, place it in a fresh -keeping box, put it in the refrigerator for 5 minutes, take out the plate with broken ice, and finally look at your hobbies, stick soy sauce, mustard or Mikisi, Seasoning foods such as honey are a cool summer food.

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