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How to lose weight without diet?Send you a list of weight loss food!

What experience is “always hungry”?

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Many people said: Just after eating for a noon, I wanted to eat when I woke up, and I was helpless …

For this situation, I can only suggest: eat more food with strong fullness during dinner, you won’t want to eat so much!

How to lose weight without diet?Send you a list of weight loss food!

Foods with high protein are more full

Nutrition studies have found that the higher the fat content of food, the lower the satisfaction of the food, the lower the satisfaction; and the high protein content, and the sense of satiety will increase.

For example, “Oats-Maple Cake” and “Strawberry Flavoring Yogurt” are much stronger than “chocolate tablets” and “delicious grilled cakes”.

Those foods containing a large amount of fat and sugar, Danish bread, chocolate sandwich cakes, cakes and other foods can easily make people not stop at all. Not only is it easy to eat too much meals, but also hungry.

Food with high cellulose is more full

Because the cellulose is small and large, it is obviously filled with gastric cavity after eating, and it takes a long time to digest.

For example:

After eating rice, the rice in Xiangmi is hungry after eating, and the rough black rice, purple rice, oats, and barley coarse grains are easy to make people feel full.

The steamed buns and noodles made with fine white powder do not have a strong sense of satiety. Various beans and other beans such as red beans, soy beans, and kidney beans can maintain their full -time feeling.

Rough, hardness foods are easy to make people full

Scientists have experimented with different noodle cakes like calories, and found that breads with rough processing and chewing hardness are more likely to make people feel full and last.

The soft and delicate bread is not easy to make people feel full, and even if it is full, the maintenance time is short.This is not only related to the components such as cellulose, but also related to food volume and the number of chewing times.

Bread with similar calories, thick white bread fullness > Soft white bread, fruit bread.

High -full food, List

1. Add meals and food: yogurt, milk and soy milk.

2. Eat more than three meals a day: beans, various coarse grains, radishes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggs, mushrooms and other fungi, kelp, various vegetables, broccoli, lean meat, etc.

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