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How to lose weight?TCM syndrome differentiation treatment of obesity

Today, obesity has become a problem for many people. Obesity is a state caused by excessive accumulation of fat in the body, especially triglyceride (trigly glycerin). The main cause of obesity is that too much food intake or changes in the metabolism of the body leads to excessive fat accumulation in the body, causing changes in human pathogenic physiology. Obesity should be treated in a timely manner to avoid causing complications. Let’s take a look at how Chinese medicine is diagnosed to treat obesity.

Spleen and kidney deficiency

Clinical manifestations: fatigue and weakness, soft back acid legs, less accenti, swollen limbs, thin stool, cold limbs, frequent urination, women with thinness, men’s impotence nocturnal emission, fat tongue, light tongue, while there are, there are sidelines, there are, there are, there are, there are, there are, Tooth marks, white or slippery, veins are weak.

Governance: Jianpi and kidney.

Jianpi tonic soup: 30 grams of Codonopsis, 30 grams of astragalus, 12 grams of yellow essence, 20 grams of yam, 12 grams of mandarin meat, 12 grams of Zexie, 12 grams of lotus seeds, 20 grams of fried coix seed, 15 grams of coriander, 12 grams of Poria, 12 grams of Poria, 12 grams 12 grams of Atractylodes, 6 grams of aconite, 3 grams of ginger, 12 grams of white peony, 12 grams of hawthorn, 15 grams of padsy, 15 grams of Shayuanzi, 6 grams of licorice, decoction. You can take part in Pu Wan and Budi Pill.

Spleen deficiency and liver stagnation

Clinical manifestations: mental depression, chest tightness and abdominal distension, bloating of the two ribs, dazzling stools, women’s underworld, irregular menstruation, white or white greasy tongue coating, slippery string.

Rule: strengthen the spleen and dampness, sprinkle the liver and qi.

Shu liver and spleen soup: 12 grams of incense, 12 grams of wood incense, 12 grams of bergamot, 15 grams of Codonopsis, 12 grams of Poria, 12 grams of pale, 12 grams of Puki, 12 grams of Chenpi, 12 grams of Bupleurum, tulips, tulips 10 grams, 15 grams of white peony, 15 grams of coriander shell, 12 grams of hawthorn, 12 grams of Zexie, 10 grams of licorice, decoction. It can be equipped with Shu liver pill and stomach.

Spleen deficiency and dampness type

Clinical manifestations: obesity of the body, heavy limbs, laziness, fatigue, fatigue, lying lying, dying vomiting, thin stools, even cold and chills Large, greasy moss, tooth marks on the light side, deficiency or weak pulse.

Governance method: spleen and dehumidification.

Jianpi Decoction: 20 grams of Codonopsis, 20 grams of yam, 15 grams of lotus seeds, 12 grams of white lentils, 15 grams of Poria, 12 grams of Atractylodes, 10 grams of licorice, 12 grams of Guizhi, 12 grams of Zexie, 12 grams of Chenpi, hawthorn 15 Grace, 12 grams of wood, 12 grams in Pinellia. Matching ginseng pills and Wuling pills orally.

Experience: Obesity involves the evil qi such as spleen, stomach, liver, kidney, etc., as well as the evil qi such as phlegm, dampness, and heat. It always takes dampness, phlegm, spleen and spleen and liver.

Wet and humid inner stop

Clinical manifestations: head and body are heavy, body swelling, chest, tightness and abdominal distension, dullness, thirst and not wanting to drink, bareness is unfavorable, women bring yellow thick, filthy turbidity and taste, yellow greasy tongue coating, and slippery pulse.

Governance: Qingli damp heat.

Clear heat and dampness soup: 12 grams of Bupleurum, 12 grams of gardenia, 12 grams of dragon grass, 20 grams of Mao Gen, 20 grams of raw coix seed, 15 grams of Achyranthes knee, 12 grams of osteoma, 12 grams of cork, 20 grams of Yinchen, cousin wool, cousin stick 15 grams, 12 grams of Zexie, 15 grams of Poria, 15 grams of grass, 6 grams of licorice, decoction. It can be equipped with hot Yanning and Qingzhawan.

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