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How to maintain private parts

The private parts of women are very different from other parts, and they are also very complicated and sensitive. The stratum corneum of the private parts is very thin. Although it is protected from hair, hair is also bacteria or parasites survival and reproduction. The place of place is a major hidden danger for the health of the private parts, so we must do a good job of maintenance in the private parts. So how to maintain the private parts?

How to maintain private parts

1. Keep a clean and dry state. If the private part is too humid, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause gynecological inflammation. The thick hair in the private parts will be covered in the private part. It provides a good living environment for trichomonas, mold, pubic lice, and various pathogenic bacteria, which is very unfavorable to the health of the private part.

2. Drinking plenty of water is conducive to the metabolism of the body. It can also help dilute urine and vaginal secretions. After entering the body, water will produce urine. At the same time Flame diseases have a good prevention effect, and they can also prevent diseases such as urinary tract infection. The material of the water cup should be harmless to the body.

3. Pay more attention to diet. In fact, the diet is a omnivorous animal. Choose more than four vegetables and fruits every day. Eat fish twice a week. During breakfast Proper supplementation of vitamin C, cellulose, vitamin E and folic acid, etc., eat breakfast every day, can promote the body’s metabolism and keep the blood vessels and immune systems young.

4. The underwear on the market can be said to be a variety of, but for the health of the private part, you need to choose white all cotton. It is the safest. To avoid, you must also replace and clean the underwear every day, and try to dry it in the sun as much as possible, so that the ultraviolet rays can kill the bacteria.

How to maintain the private parts? The health of the privacy is also very important. Many women have a health problem in the private parts of the private parts, mainly because in daily life, there is no good maintenance work in the private part. In fact, the maintenance of the private parts is also very simple. Dry, drink plenty of water, pay attention to diet, and choose breathable and cotton underwear.

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