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How to maintain prostatitis?Three aspects you should do

If male friends are often “annoying” by those diseases, prostatitis is a more representative.After some people have prostatitis, they do not know how to maintain it. As a result, they did not effectively control and relieve their condition, which caused the condition to become more and more serious.Many friends who have been detected with prostatitis want to know, how should prostatitis be maintained?Let’s explain to you below.

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One of the main prostatitis maintenance methods: drink plenty of water

Many friends who have prostatitis feel that drinking plenty of water will keep going to the toilet, so I dare not drink water. In fact, this approach is very wrong.Patients with prostatitis must maintain a certain amount of water every day so that the urine is diluted. If the urination is too much, the stimulation of the prostate will be reduced, and it can also achieve the effect of rinse the urethra.It can be seen that drinking plenty of water can relieve the symptoms of prostatitis and prevent prostate hyperplasia.

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