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How to make sesame oil chicken simple steps into chefs

Chickens are common ingredients. Skid -skinned chicken can make a lot of dishes. One of them is sesame oil chicken. The sesame oil chicken belongs to Sichuan cuisine. It mainly uses chicken leg meat. Then add sesame oil to cook. It is very delicious. Many people eat it. So how does this dish make?

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The ingredients to prepare for sesame oil chicken

Of course, the main ingredients are chicken, preferably chicken leg meat, chicken leg meat is smooth and tender, meat is large, and half a catty is prepared. The auxiliary materials are ginger. There are not many ginger, and 4 pieces are fine, but it should be noted that the ginger should not be too old. The old ginger will make the chicken have a unpleasant taste, and it is not fresh. Then prepare an appropriate amount of sesame oil and salt, and pour semond oil into the bowl first, but do not need too much, just appropriate amount.

Step of the practice of sesame oil chicken

The practice of sesame oil chicken is actually not difficult, and you can follow the steps below. In the first step, first put the chicken in the boiling boiling water and roll the blood, then put it for later use, and then wash the ginger, but do not peel and cut it into a thin piece. The second step is to put the chicken that has been rolled over water in the ceramic pot. If there is no ceramic pot, you can also put it in a rice cooker. There will be unfamiliar situation. After the chicken is put, you can pour semi -oil. After the sesame oil is poured, the ginger slices are paved one by one. The gap between ginger slices should be as small as possible. The third step is to dry the salt, it is to be sunny, and the ginger slices must be covered, and the amount of salt here is a bit large. At this time, you can cover it with high heat. After cooking for about 10 minutes, it will be changed to low heat. After cooking, you can remove the salt and ginger slices on it. At this time, the sesame oil chicken is freshly baked.

The practice of sesame oil chicken is not difficult, but there are also precautions. When the ginger slices are cut, it should be cut into a big piece, because you will put a lot of salt in the back, but these salt does not mean that in order to fully taste it, we need to block the salt, so we need to block the salt. To avoid falling into the chicken. Do not unveil the pot when you cook, and you cannot stir with things throughout the process.

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