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How to make your baby have motivation to learn piano?

If you feel that your baby is forced to go, and he will make it comfortable in his heart. How can you make your baby like it? Perhaps the opportunity to give him a sense of accomplishment or experience in the piano process is a good choose.

SCOTT, like a lot of children around 5 years old, was also sent to learn piano by her mother. In the beginning of the beginning, every time I reached the time of playing the piano, Scott always wanted her mother to urge, so as not willing to sit on the side of the piano. One day two years later, the local community planned a large -scale gala party. Under the strong recommendation of mothers and piano teachers, Scott was invited to perform a song at the party.

That night, the 7 -year -old Scott presented a “Moonriver” for everyone. Although it was not smooth enough, it also won warm applause on the stage and the mother’s kiss. Not only that, after the party, there were many little boys and little girls gathered around and asked to take pictures with him. Scott seemed to feel the celebrity courtesy. On the way home, Scott couldn’t wait to ask his mother: “When will the next party be?” From that day, Scott always consciously completed the training task arranged by the teacher.

The reason why Scott has such a huge change in practicing piano’s attitude is closely related to the sense of accomplishment he experienced in the party. A sense of accomplishment is a positive feeling of individual self -ability, and it directly affects the self -evaluation of the individual. Therefore, a sense of accomplishment is the basis for building children’s self -confidence. When the child feels “capable”, the child will work more actively and actively. So, how to effectively cultivate children’s sense of accomplishment in the process of life and education?

First of all, as parents, we must fully appreciate the advantages and progress of children. Everyone’s self -evaluation is affected by external evaluation to varying degrees. Although in my mother’s heart, SCOTT’s play that night was generally played, but the sons of more shy, at least daring to come to the stage that night, to face the scene of nearly 100 people, this is a big challenge and progress. The warm applause of the audience, the envious eyes of his companions, especially the affectionate kiss of the mother, made Scott feel that they were recognized and praised by everyone. This external active evaluation has become a child’s sense of accomplishment when it is gradually internalized into a positive evaluation of themselves.

Secondly, as an educator, it is necessary to provide full display opportunities for the performance of children’s ability. The most fundamental sense of individual accomplishment is the understanding of self -ability. When the child feels that he can complete the task well in actual activities, he can truly appreciate the feeling of “I can”. This positive and pleasant feeling can not only improve children’s self -confidence, but also promote children to learn more actively. One of the role of educators is to provide children with such a display platform in a timely manner. For example, parents can unite friends with the same aspirations to organize the “children’s piano performance meeting” or some outdoor activities for children. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for children to communicate. As a parent, in the process of children’s ability to show ability, we must also be good at guiding children to realize the direction of their efforts and avoid the evolution of the “injury Zhongyong” -like showing off.

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In addition, the requirements for children and the tasks that given children must meet the level of children’s development and gradually. Evaluation of children should be based on children’s standards. For example, although Scott’s tracks were not smooth enough at the time, it was already very good for a 7 -year -old child. If Scott’s mother uses adult standards to evaluate and ask children, it will inevitably lead to more accusations than praise, and ultimately lead to children’s retreat and even abandon. Only when the child is given each time the child is prepared, so that the child can “jump to pick the apple” so that the child will be confident.

The development of each child requires the space for activity, the environment that needs to be interacted, and the support and encouragement of parents. Like Scott’s parents, creating an opportunity for children’s performance and passing a praise for the child’s progress. In this way, the child’s sense of accomplishment and self -confidence can be freely flying with the elegant piano sounds.

(Intern editor: Liu Yinying)

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