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How to measure oral temperature

If you choose to use a mercury thermometer to measure the oral temperature, make sure that the thermometer is disinfected before the measurement, and carefully check whether the thermometer is damaged, because the mercury is toxic and harmful to the human body.

Then throw the scale of the mercury thermometer below 35 degrees, put the mercury of the thermometer under the tongue, and close the mouth.Usually, the measurement time is about 5 minutes.The normal value of the oral cavity is generally 36.3-37.2 degrees.Before measurement, you cannot eat too cold or overheated things, and you cannot speak during measurement, otherwise the measurement may be inaccurate.When measuring the temperature of the oral cavity, put the mercury of the mouth thermometer under the tongue, close the lips, do not speak, take it out three minutes, read the number of thermometers.Do not bite the thermometer during measurement, so as not to be injured and oral.Before measuring, avoid eating cold and overheating foods and drinks.It should be measured for 20 minutes.Before the measurement, throw the thermometer below 35 degrees and make sure that it is placed under the tongue, otherwise the measurement data is inaccurate.The temperature detection part of the mouth thermometer is placed next to the tendon connecting the back of the mouth and the tendon of the back of the tongue.On both sides of the tongue on the back of the tongue are the correct position of oral temperature measurement.Put the thermometer in and close your mouth tightly.Before the oral temperature reaches the balance temperature, close the mouth.Don’t bite with your teeth, don’t talk.After three minutes, take it out to reach the balance temperature.Mercury thermometer and tongue thermometer takes more than five minutes.It is predicted that the thermometer will wait before the electronic sound.Reminder: It is not suitable to measure the body temperature immediately after bathing and exercise, and it is not suitable for measuring body temperature within 30 minutes.Do not move when measuring body temperature with the oral temperature meter.Keep your posture as much as possible during the measurement.If your mouth is pulled out when measuring body temperature, you need to measure the thermometer again.

Pay attention to personal oral hygiene and develop good personal hygiene habits.If the patient bites the thermometer unexpectedly, the glass fragments should be removed immediately to avoid damaging the mucosa of the tongue, oral, esophagus and gastrointestinal tract.Oral milk or egg white can delay mercury absorption.If conditions permit, you can eat a lot of crude fiber foods to accelerate the emissions of mercury.

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