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How to overcome the inexplicable fear of boss?

As a king of work, do you often feel incompetent? Faced with BOSS, dare not speak, detour? There is no passion at work, always want to resign? After graduating for many years, do you think the previous classmates were “mixed” better than themselves? In response to the psychological situation of the above “workplace”, this issue of “Famous Doctor Answers” specially invited Deputy Director Huang Xuebing, deputy director of the Department of Clinical Psychological Psychology of Peking University Sixth Hospital to talk about the psychological problems encountered in the workplace.

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Netizen: What should I do if I am always worried about not being concerned and recognized in the workplace?

Huang Xuebing: Either improve the level of operation or reduce the expected value; if it is invalid, evaluate the emotional state of emotion.

Netizen: How to overcome the inexplicable fear of the boss in the workplace? In fact, there is a bottom heart, but standing beside the leader is inexplicably nervous.

Huang Xuebing: This is somewhat socially afraid, everyone is more or less, and young people are more common. The survey shows that most Chinese social fear is characterized by fear of big characters. Usually, with the accumulation of experience and experience, self -confidence increases and will reduce itself. If you are too strong, you can find a psychologist to evaluate and deal with it accordingly.

Netizen: Hello teacher, I feel back on the first day of work. I always feel that I can’t do well. Is it useless to perform?

Huang Xuebing: Of course not. Although the consciousness of self -province is annoying, it is because of the existence of this self -supervision that individuals can continue to improve, so it is a bad thing to be a little frustrated. Accepting frustration, mentality will be more flexible.

Netizen: What should I do if I have no passion every day and the work every day? Feeling a waste of time, there is no way to change.

Huang Xuebing: The scenery is not far away, but the scenery in the distance is more fresh and has more impact on the senses; the scenery around you cannot only be appreciated by the senses. “Little Prince” describes his love like this: The reason why this rose is different is that she was poured.

Netizen: Dr. Huang is good. It has been a few years of accounting in a small company. In the past two years, I went to study the accounting certificate, because in the past, I did n’t like these numbers in the second year. I did n’t take the test for two years. Finally gave up, and felt that the salary was affected, so sad.

Huang Xuebing: The reason for twisting is not very clear what the value he really sees. Therefore, if there are things, if others want, they also want themselves, just like queuing to buy salt, others are buying salt, and they are queuing for themselves.

Netizen: When I was just working, I felt that my dream was very close to myself. Now I have worked for a few years. I feel that I am getting more and more confused, and my dream is far away from me.

Huang Xuebing: This is the thinking mode of the other sometimes covering our vision. Maybe the dream is in reality? Or does reality accept dreams?

Netizen: The amount of tasks continuously increases, what should I do if I feel overwhelmed? State -owned enterprise administrative staff.

Huang Xuebing: If the mountain does not come to Muhamurd, Mohamut will go to the mountain. All situations are inseparable from their choices, and they are also choice without choice. There is also a way to take effect is that everyone can try the laryngeal breathing method and relaxation of meditation in our public account “Light of Psychological Psychology”.

Netizen: The details of the work error caused the department’s work errors. Although everyone didn’t blame me, I felt sorry for everyone. Although I was very careful in later work, I always felt that it was not the same. I felt that everyone no longer trusted me and had a heavy burden on my back. I hope the doctor gave treatment suggestions.

Huang Xuebing: There is a saying in the Spider -Man of the Superman: You are not important in the eyes of others, whether it is positive or negative, huh.

Netizen: I am scared when I met sexual harassment in the workplace, and I dare not tell others. I am afraid that others will sympathize with me, and they will only be discussed behind them, and they dare not tell my family that they are afraid that they will make trouble. I still like the current job and I don’t want to resign. What should I do?

Huang Xuebing: First of all, asking for help should be, just choose to ask for help. If you ask friends or family to have concerns, it is also a good choice to talk to the psychological counselor first. Psychotherapists cannot tell you how to do it, but you can help you analyze how to make the right decision.

Netizen: I think I have information anxiety. I always want to get a lot of information every day. I always look for all kinds of information I do n’t know online. If there are some colleagues who say something I don’t know, psychology will be panicked. What to do, doctor?

Huang Xuebing: It is more unprepared, especially for unknown or unprepared things. Prescription: Reading Laozhuang, my life also has the end, and I know there is no end. Of course, you can do deeper psychoanalysis.

Netizen: I am a 30 -year -old woman who has not been raised and found that I don’t want to work. Maybe my work often worked overtime to 8 o’clock, usually anxious and stress. Is there a wrong state? I just want to get pregnant quickly, give birth to a baby, and do a relaxed job (at 6 o’clock to me for me for me). Doctor, what should you do, what should I do? PS: The family economy can support me to do a small money, and the mother -in -law family sees it particularly.

Huang Xuebing: Human nature prefers entertainment and does not like work. The process of growth is also the process of socialization. The level of people’s needs from water needs to self -realization. You can analyze yourself or discuss with your family. One of your sense of value will come from; second, if there are multiple sources of value, how to sort it, or how to sort at different stages of life. Netizen: After graduating from college, I went directly to the factories in the small county seat. From 12 to 16 years, I am now 27 years old. I can’t see any hope. I have no hope for classmates. In the way of living, I bought a house, a mortgage, married, and I did n’t resign. The students who graduated from junior high school felt that they were free and chic than my undergraduate. I wanted to die at this moment.

Huang Xuebing: Many people feel that they have been trapped by reality, and it is difficult to walk; the view of existentialism is that each of us has the freedom of choice, but we must bear the responsibility after the choice; it is recommended to see Camus’s “Sisyver mythical mythology “, If life is just pushing the stone up the mountain at the beginning, and once the stone reaches the top of the mountain, it will roll off automatically. Such a life is not desperate, but happiness. Why? The environment does affect our sense of happiness, but the decisive factor is our cognition.

Experts in this issue: Deputy Director Huang Xue Bing, Department of Clinical Psychology of the Sixth Hospital of Peking University

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