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How to prevent and control is more effective in winter?

When it comes to diarrhea, people always think that summer is the peak of diarrhea, because frozen foods are often consumed in summer. At the same time, due to the high temperature, food is easy to deteriorate, making the incidence of diarrhea in summer high.In fact, winter is also a peak of diarrhea. Due to the cold weather, the abdomen is prone to cold, and eating some cold foods can easily cause diarrhea.In addition, rotavirus and Noru virus are also the two “culprits” that cause diarrhea in winter. After infection, they will cause diarrhea and even accompany symptoms such as vomiting and fever.

Mild and acute diarrhea will cause the body to have a series of water, electrolyte disorders and acid -base balance disorders. Medium or long -term diarrhea will take away a large amount of water and electrolytes in the human body, leading to malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, anemia, physical resistanceDecreasing, harm cannot be ignored.At the same time, “diarrhea will not be terrible”, “diarrhea does not need to take medicine”, “take antibiotics when diarrhea”, “drug mixes, double effects”, “diarrhea is caused by bacteria”, “Once diarrhea is stopped immediately, immediately immediately stop diarrhea immediately immediatelyThe sound of stopping the drug is full of the Internet, causing interference or even misleading for patients in the selection of drugs and daily care.

In terms of the choice of diarrhea therapy drugs, the consensus and path of “adult acute infectious diarrhea diagnosis and treatment experts (2013)” and “Clinical Path of Infectious Diamonds (2016 Edition)”, such as the treatment of infectious diarrhea in the treatment of infectious diarrheaOne of the basic drugs is mainly used by adsorbing intestinal toxins and protecting intestinal mucosa. It can be used for adult acute, chronic diarrhea and acute diarrhea in children.

In 1992, Smecta (Meng Shi Lisan) was introduced to China. It has been 30 years ago. It has continuously explored the needs of patients and consumers and guarded the gastrointestinal health of the two generations.In May of this year, Smecta released the “Intestinal Health White Paper in the Lianship of Diarrhea in 2022”, and invited the digestive and pediatric experts to conduct in -depth interpretations to call on the public to pay attention to diarrhea diseases and pay attention to intestinal health.

Professor Wang Hualang of the Department of Gastroenterology of Peking University Hospital said: “Diarrhea also requires symptomatic treatment and scientific medication. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical treatment. It is recommended that patients should be used according to different types of diarrhea under the guidance of the doctor.Drugs. Advanced to routine stools and clarifying the type of pathogenic bacteria, follow the doctor’s instructions to take appropriate antibiotic treatment. Monterburra scattered, which can adsorb germs, toxins, and toxins in the intestine.Finally, the adsorbed things they adsorb through the intestinal peristalsis are discharged from the body, not in the blood, does not affect normal intestinal peristalsis, and metabolizes without liver and kidney.

Diagnosis is also a disease of a common digestive system in pediatrics. Children under the age of 5 are high incidence of diarrhea. If they are not treated and handled properly, they will also cause a variety of complications and affect the healthy development of children.The WHO has set four major goals for the treatment of acute diarrhea in children: prevent dehydration; treat dehydration; prevent malnutrition; shorten the course of diarrhea, reduce diarrhea symptoms, and reduce recurrence.

Professor Xu Yanwei, a pediatric department of Beijing Tsinghua Chang Geng Hospital, suggested: “Pediatric diarrhea is a syndrome caused by a variety of pathogens and various factors. It is a common and multiple diseases for children. Most of them occur in children under 2 years old. It is an important stage of growth and development.The most important thing for treating children’s diarrhea is to prevent and treat dehydration by replenishment, and shorten the diarrhea time on the basis of this, and restore normal bowel movements. It is recommended to use Mengshi to quickly stop diarrhea and protect gastrointestinal mucosa.It does not enter the blood, does not increase the burden on the kidneys, and has good safety. Parents can use it with confidence. After the symptoms are relieved, parents can also add probiotic bacteria to the intestinal flora depending on the situation. “

Smecta originated from France. It is the original drug of Mongolian stone scattered. The brand has always paid attention to the needs of consumers. It has launched children’s favorite strawberries and orange flavors, as well as large packaging suitable for family support.At the same time, in order to further meet the health needs of young consumers in new scenes, the brand is accelerating the introduction of new dosage types of “free -to -service”.With quality and innovation, Smecta won the “Sip Gold Award” and committed to leading a healthy life.

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