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How to prevent cataracts?Do five o’clock, stay away from cataract

What is cataract? There is a lens in our eyes. It is like a bottle bottom-like a lens with thin and thin sides in the middle, and cataracts are turbid crystal.

Just like the dirty spots on the glasses wearing, the cataract may be a small dirty point and watermark in front of the eyes. It may just feel that it is awkward, but it doesn’t affect the vision. Handprints, or oil marks will seriously affect vision and feel visual decline. When the crystal is turbid to a certain degree, the eyes will block the eyes and affect the vision. How can we prevent cataracts in daily life?

1. Drink plenty of water:

In the case of dehydration, the normal metabolic disorders in the body will produce some abnormal chemicals, damage the lens, and cause cataracts. Patients with cataract can exacerbate the condition.

2. Conditioning enough vitamins:

Vitamin C can weaken the damage of light to the crystal body and has the effect of preventing the formation of senile cataracts. With age, the vitamin C content in the eyes has decreased significantly. Another report, lack of vitamin B2 can produce cataracts. To prevent cataracts, you can eat more foods containing vitamin C, such as fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, vitamin B rich foods such as peanuts, beans, millet, animal offal, meat eggs, fish, rice bran, pea, etc. are also suitable for consumption.

3. Go out to wear dark glasses:

The longer the time when it is exposed to UV exposure, the greater the possibility of white internal barriers. Researchers pointed out that wearing dark glasses when going out can greatly reduce the amount of ultraviolet irradiated by the eyes. After the age of 60, the elderly who decline in vision, if wearing yellow -brown sunglasses, can prevent further vision and prevent the occurrence of cataracts.

4. Drink red wine in moderation:

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A study shows that drinking red wine in moderation can help reduce the danger of cataract. The study found that the risk of cataracts in moderate amount of cataracts reduced by 50%.

5. Eat more spinach cabbage:

Studies of American University of Medicine found that people who often eat lutein and corn yellow foods (such as spinach, cabbage, etc.) are more likely to suffer from white internal barriers than others.


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