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How to prevent children grow into obesity?

Now there are more and more obesity. If you take the following simple and easy preventive measures in time, it is very helpful to prevent children from obesity.

1. Reasonably adjust your diet and avoid food restrictions. When adjusting the diet structure, foods with high and low calories should be rationally matched and should not be abolished. Parents should formulate a meal mode for their children, including determining the meals and foods they usually love to eat. The adjustment of the food, as long as you eat, eat as much as you want during the meal time.

2. Reduce the stimulation of appetite. Food’s stimulus to sensory can increase appetite. Sweets such as candy and small sweet cakes are very attractive to children. Although experts do not advocate fasting such foods, they should remind parents to pay attention to the time they give, or they only give when the child is hungry.

3. Chew slowly and eat calmly. If the child eats slowly, he has time to taste the taste. Let them sit quietly in front of the table. At the beginning, you can attract them with interesting words, and do not reprimand and sip.

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The purpose of chewing slowly is not to allow children to eat less. This is a way to help them feel hunger and appetite, and can adjust their eating amount.

4. In addition, don’t let your children watch TV or read books while eating; don’t look at him separately because of the child’s fat, and encourage him to move more.

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)

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