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How to prevent impotence in the elderly

The traditional concept of folk believes that when men reach their age, they will inevitably cause sexual desire degradation and sexual dysfunction (impotence). In this regard, Professor Li Haisong, a famous male expert in my country, deny that age is not the only reason for impotence. Impotence is caused by various factors. Among the impotence people, there are also young people, but the prevalence of the elderly is higher; on the other hand, there are also many people who have normal sexual function of the elderly. Some information said that 70%of men still have at the age of 60. The more regular sexual life, even 25%of the 70-80 years still maintain sexual life. It can be seen that if you are not old, you will definitely impotence.

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Professor Li said that we can talk about the cause of impotence from two aspects: Western and Chinese medicine. Western medicine believes that impotence is caused by the three major factors of mental psychology, physiology, and social environment: First, psychological and psychological factors, including emotional tension, stress of life, depression, anxiety, etc. The second is the physiological factors, mainly due to various diseases:

1. Vascular disease, including any diseases that may cause arterioscopic blood flow in the penis sponge, such as arteriosclerosis, hyper viscosity, peripheral vascular disease, etc.

2. Endocrine diseases: Mainly found in diabetes, hyperthyroidism or hyperthyroidism, hypothalamus -pituitary abnormalities and primary gonad functional reduction.

3. Neurological diseases: Diseases with neurotransmids make the brain’s sexual desires sensitive and transmitted to the penis as expected.

4. Urology diseases: such as orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, urogenital system surgery such as prostatic electrocalypseys.

5. Drug factors: long -term taking certain drugs such as antidepressant, antihypertensive drugs, hypnotic pills, etc.

6. Other factors: such as urethral breaks, penis, testicular injuries, and the disease of the penis itself. Third, social environmental factors, including couples’ disagreement, noisy sexual intercourse environment, excessive tobacco and alcohol. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the basic pathological changes of impotence are caused by four major factors of kidney deficiency, blood stasis, liver stagnation, and phlegm heat. During the middle and young people, phlegm heat, blood stasis, liver stagnation, and kidney deficiency; old age, mainly kidney deficiency and blood stasis, and liver stagnation and phlegm heat. Treatment of kidney, promoting blood circulation, relieving liver, clearing heat.

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(How to prevent impotence in the elderly)

Professor Li said that for impotence, I named it “penis stroke” because its essence was the same as the brain stroke. The stroke of the brain will be paralyzed; the penile stroke will cause weakness to be erected, affecting sexual life. So impotence is a disease, and it is definitely undoubted. Young people need to be treated with impotence, and the elderly also need to be treated with impotence. It is wrong to think that the understanding of impotence in the elderly. It can be said without exaggeration that sexual function is a barometer of human health, while impotence is an early signal of human aging. It is a local symbol of systemic diseases. It suggests that men should pay attention to their physical conditions and discover problems in time. Do not paralyze.

Speaking of the treatment of impotence in the elderly, Professor Li said that for this disease, the doctor’s treatment principle is three sentences:

1. Do not hold the door. Doctors cannot go to ask the patient’s condition, and patients should take the initiative to come to the hospital for treatment.

2. A response to request. Doctors must actively treat people with impotence to seek medical treatment, because this involves a big problem of family happiness and social harmony.

3. Syndrome treatment. According to the different diseases of the patient, the “individualized” treatment method is adopted, and the specific planning treatment (different time), the combination of Chinese and Western (depending on the condition of the disease), both the symptoms of the symptoms (some need to be immediate, some need to be gradual)) , Physical and mental Tongzhi (using drugs while doing psychological guidance), double cultivation (“sex” should pay attention to keeping life, not to be killed by “sex”; nor can it be regarded as “sex” and ignore the “sex”, which affects the husband and wife, which affects the husband and wife. The happiness between.) Of course, how to treat it under the guidance of a doctor.

When it comes to the prevention of impotence, Professor Li said that, like other diseases, impotence should be mainly preventive, including the following aspects:

1. Men’s elderly should be comfortable and eliminate the psychology of tension and anxiety. Pay attention to discovering the advantages of his wife, often warm with his wife, and harmonious couples, so as to achieve the due effect.

2. Pay special attention to overcome the fragile mentality. As long as many elderly people’s intercourse fails, it will leave a shadow in my heart, and the next time it is easy to repeat the same mistakes. Therefore, we must learn to overcome the fragile psychology, believe in yourself, make some preparations in advance, and maintain a better state.

3. Eat some aphrodisiac foods, such as seafood, lamb, dog meat, nuts, etc., to quit smoking and restriction, maintain a strong foundation, and lay a good physical foundation.

4. Frequent exercise to enhance physical fitness, so that many impotence can improve.

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5. Actively treat primary diseases to avoid sexual dysfunction caused by these diseases; at the same time, be cautious on the problem of medication, and should be taken in accordance with the doctor’s instructions that affect sexual function to minimize the side effects of drugs.

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