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How to prevent the baby’s red ass?

Many mothers think that the baby sweats a lot when it is hot, and the diaper is poorly breathable. Covering the baby for a long time will cause the baby’s red buttocks and even cause diaper rash. Therefore, he chooses to use diapers instead of diapers. Is it really the truth? Is it the fault of the diaper itself, or is there a error in the mother’s usage? Urging or diapers, which is more conducive to the healthy growth of the baby? Let’s listen to the advice of experts.

Case 1: The doctor said that the diapers are used for the hotness of the sky, which hurts the baby’s skin very much

After my son used diapers, the eggs were red all day. The doctor said that it could not be used when it was hot, and it hurt the skin very much. Just like the adults felt uncomfortable with a sanitary napkin in those days, children’s skin was so tender and even worse.

Case 2: Wiping the dumplings still red butt, is it covered in diapers?

My baby has been for two months. Although he often washed him, he still formed a red butt damage, and it was not possible to wipe the pink powder. Is it because he wore diapers? How can I get better soon? The baby’s butt groove is always damaged, it is not good, and it hurts.

1. If you don’t change the diapers in time, the baby will also have a red buttock

There are many factors that occur in diaper rash. The most important thing is that the buttocks are humid for a long time, stuffy, and stimulating the stimuli in the feces and urine.

Therefore, whether a diaper rash is actually the problem of using diapers or diaper, but how to ensure the dry skin of the child. Of course, when the weather is hot, if the child is sweaty, the diapers are more likely to use diapers than the diaper. However, even if the diapers are used, some parents are not replaced in time. There will also be a problem of red butt and diaper rash. Using diapers, as long as the method is proper, there is no diaper rash.

2. Rubbing powder not only increases the baby’s skin wear, but also causes urinary infection

Many mothers love cleanly. After the baby is finished, she insists on washing the fart for the baby, and then puts on a layer of tweezers, and then puts diapers for the baby. Moms mistakenly think that rubbing the gardenia powder can keep the baby’s buttocks dry, but I do n’t know. Pulling the ducts powder on the root of the thighs or small farts, it is not only possible to increase the possibility of the skin wear of the skin of the diapers and skirts. It will increase the risk of urinary infection, especially girls.

Strike: How to use diapers correctly?

1. It is best to apply a layer of hip cream before wearing diapers

It can choose light and breathable diapers with all the heat. Before putting your children diapers, dry the fart to avoid wet skin, apply the hip cream, form a layer of water -proof layer, then put on the diapers, and pay attention to the skirt of the urine pants to avoid the skin of the legs of the legs. Damage.

2. Regardless of diaper or diapers is the key to prevent diaper rash

Whether it is a diaper or a diapers, it is the most important to replace it. Especially for diapers that cannot be seen from the appearance, you must pay attention to replacement every 2 to 3 hours. If you drink a lot of water or milk for your child, you should also pay attention to change. Don’t change your baby because you don’t feel wet. It is not time to change the wet diapers in time, which may not only cause diaper rash, but also cause a large amount of bacteria in the diaper, which causes some problems in the baby’s urinary system. Therefore, the mother must not be gently desperate for changing diapers.

3. When the weather is hot, you can use diapers but turn on the air conditioner to cool the baby

Even in the hot season, you can use diapers for your baby, but it is recommended to turn on the air conditioner when it is hot. Otherwise, whether it is given diaper or diapers for your baby, you will feel hot. rash. The temperature of the air conditioner should be set at about 28 ° C, and the air outlet should not blow directly to the child.

4. It is best to use diapers at night to ensure that the baby is sufficient to sleep

So, is diapers or diapers more suitable for babies? Some children are more sensitive to skin and may be allergic to the material of diapers, so they can only choose cotton diaper to replace. If the child is not allergic to diapers, it is recommended to use diapers at the appropriate time and occasions. For example, bring your children out to play, meet with friends, or go to the hospital to check the body. On the one hand, it is more convenient to carry diapers. On the other hand, it is simpler and more effective to use. Otherwise Parenting, young parents are a little embarrassed.

When sleeping at night, it is recommended to use diapers. When the baby is asleep, you don’t need to change the diapers, so that you do not disturb your child’s sleep at night, ensure adequate sleep, and help healthy growth.

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