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How to protect the liver after wine?

After drinking, the ethanol (alcohol) in the wine into the liver into acetaldehyde, further metabolism into acetic acid, excreted from the body, ethanol and acetaldehyde are toxic to the liver., Inflammation and necrosis appear in the liver, further liver fibrosis, liver hardening, and have a direct poisoning effect on the tissue and organs of the human body.So, how do we grasp the amount of drinking?

Men takes more than 40 grams of ethanol daily, and women should be less than 20g

Little wine is hurting the big wine. People who are healthy can drink a small amount of alcohol per week. The safety dose of drinking varies depending on the gender difference.Studies have shown that men’s daily drinking volume should be less than 40 grams of ethanol, and women should be less than 20 grams.This is considered to be the “basic safety” of human drinking.Ethanol volume conversion formula is: alcohol (G): drinking (m1) × alcohol content (%) × 0.8.For example, the amount of ethanol contained in 38 degrees of liquor 500 ml is: 500 × 38%× 0.8 = 152 grams.The amount of 40 grams of alcohol is equivalent to 100 ml of Bailan land, 120 ml of whiskey, 250 ml of rice wine, and 1000 ml of beer.If this amount continues to drink for 3-5 years, alcoholic liver and cirrhosis will follow.In addition, if you drink a lot of alcohol within two weeks and drink 80 grams of alcohol per day, it may cause alcoholic liver disease.

In addition, women are sensitive to alcohol than men.Due to the smaller women’s body, high fat content in the body, and drinking the same amount of wine, the alcohol concentration in the blood is also higher than that of men. At the same time, women’s gastol dehydrogenase is lower than that of men, so it is more likely to have alcoholic liver disease than men.Women even change from alcoholic hepatitis to cirrhosis after stopping drinking.

How to protect the liver after wine before wine

1. Preservation of liver and liver before wine

1.Before drinking, you can only eat 7 meals and do not drink a lot of water.

2.Half an hour before drinking, drinking bottle milk is preferably pure milk or sugar, which can prevent drunken gastritis and dehydration.Drinking sugar or honey milk can not only promote ethanol decomposition, but also protect gastric mucosa.Because dehydration can cause salt, you can drink some salt water or salt salt in moderation.

3.Don’t drink on an empty stomach, because the alcohol absorption is fast during an empty stomach, and people are easy to get drunk.Eat some meat before wine, and use the characteristics of fat in food to protect the stomach to prevent alcohol from penetrating the stomach wall.

Second, keep the liver in the wine and protect the liver

1.Do not drink irritating drinks such as ice water, lemonade and other irritating drinks; do not drink with carbonated drinks such as cola and soda. Such beverages can speed up the body to absorb alcohol.

2.Drink white wine, do not drink it, and have to be divided into a few mouthfuls.When drinking beer, you can wait for beer soaking to disappear before drinking.

3.Because alcohol hurts the liver, you should eat more green leafy vegetables when drinking, and antioxidants and vitamins can protect the liver.You can also eat some soy products, and the lecithin has the effect of protecting the liver.

4.It should be slow and not fast.Ethanol can enter the blood in five minutes after drinking, and the concentration of ethanol in blood can reach its peak at 30 to 120 minutes.The concentration of ethanol in the blood is fast when drinking is fast, and drunk will soon appear.If you drink slowly, you may have sufficient time to unblock the ethanol in the body, and the amount of ethanol will be less and it is not easy to get drunk.

3. Preservation of liver and liver after alcohol

1. It is best not to drink strong tea after being drunk, but you can drink some light tea.Tea polyphenols in tea have a certain effect of liver retention.

2. Nutritional substances such as fructose have a certain effect on the removal of accelerated alcohol in the body.Therefore, if you are drunk, the most convenient and simplest way is to drink honey water, because most of the honey contains fructose.As the saying goes, “Eat sweet persimmons after wine, the taste of wine will disappear.” Fruits such as sweet persimmons contain a large amount of fruit sugar, which can oxidize ethanol and accelerate the decomposition of ethanol.

3. After drinking, you can drink hot soup as much as possible, especially the fish soup stewed with ginger, which has a special hangover effect.You can also choose hot soup noodles to reduce the stimulation of alcohol to gastric mucosa, because the hot soup noodles added with salt are rich in sodium ion salt. Sodium ions can neutralize gastric acid in the stomach to protect the stomach from being injured. At the same time, the hot soup noodles can dilute the stomachThe concentration of alcohol.When eating hot soup noodles, you can also add a small amount of vinegar in the soup. The organic acid contained in vinegar can react with alcohol, which can effectively neutralize alcohol in the stomach, and has the effect of hangover.

Alcoholic liver does not drink liposuction and adjust the treatment

But for patients with alcoholic liver, long -term drinking is an important cause of alcoholic liver.Patients with alcoholic liver are common because they cannot quit alcohol and the disease is very common. If patients with alcoholic liver can completely quit alcohol, they can not only improve the treatment effect, but also quickly recover and reduce the recurrence.Opportunities and deterioration.

In addition to actively cooperating with doctors, pay attention to three points in life:

1. In terms of diet, eat more vegetarian food, be light, easy to digest, and reasonable nutrition. Do not eat more foods that are cold, sweet, hot, sputum and sputum.

2. In terms of exercise, the alcoholic liver recovers proper exercise. The activity is to be fatigue without feeling of fatigue, avoid excessive labor, and consumes qi and blood.Patients with alcoholic liver usually exercise their bodies, enhance their physique, and reduce or prevent other diseases.3. In terms of drugs, western medicines can be used to remove oxygen free radicals such as polylamine phospholipids, protect the liver cell membrane, and give the liver to protect the liver and keep the liver and lipid regulation of traditional Chinese medicine sunflower.

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