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How to regulate the poor metabolic function

Poor metabolic function can be treated by drinking plenty of water and physical exercise.

1. Drink plenty of water: Most of the poor metabolites are poorly metabolized or slow.Therefore, in daily life, more water can effectively promote metabolism and help improve body fluid circulation. You can supplement more water intake by drinking water or edible vegetables and fruits.2. Physical exercise: Appropriate physical exercise can effectively stimulate the body’s metabolism, help improve the basic metabolic rate, and achieve the effect of improving metabolism.When starting physical exercise, try to start with low -intensity physical exercise to avoid physical damage caused by the amount of exercise exceeding the body’s bearing in the short term.

In daily life, you can drink a lot of water to promote metabolism and waste emissions.At the same time, we should maintain aerobic exercise every day, ensure sufficient sleep and rest, adjust the diet structure, and avoid eating high sugar, high -fat and high -salt diets.

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