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How to relieve headaches of patients with hypertension

Hypertensive patients with headache

Hypertension is currently one of the common diseases, and patients are mainly middle -aged and elderly. The main symptoms of patients with hypertension are dizziness and headache, and the pain shows the same pain in patients. Some are just pain around the temples, some are pain in the back of the head, and the headache also has seasonal nature. When headaches, you should pay attention to antihypertensive therapy to relieve symptoms and reduce pain.

What is the headache of patients with hypertension?

01 Blood pressure fluctuation causes headache

High pressure patients generally exceed 140mmHg, especially when blood pressure fluctuates, it feels pain. The pain is mainly concentrated in the neck pillow and the back of the head. The pain site is relatively obvious and has its own characteristics. This pain can also develop into a full headache, and it may also cause patients with tinnitus and dizziness. Hypertension patients who occur in young adults, the fluctuation relationship of the degree of headache is proportional.

02 Mental stimulation causes headache

When the emotions of patients with hypertension are severely stimulated, head pain will occur, and the headaches are mainly concentrated on both sides of the brain and around the temple. Patients with hypertension should maintain a good mentality, optimistic, and do not always be angry. These can also cause pain.

03 Vascular contraction causes pain

The cold weather will shrink the human blood vessels, which is very unfavorable for patients with hypertension, which can cause high pressure to rise on the head and cause pain. Patients with hypertension must pay attention to keep warm in winter, and reduce the time of going out in winter.

04 Diet caused pain

Patients with hypertension must pay attention to a healthy diet, do not eat foods with high fat content, but also pay less sugar and less salt. If you do not have a healthy diet, it may cause the symptoms to worsen and cause headache and dizziness.

Hypertrophic headache the harm of headache

1. Harmly life and work, affect sleep, difficult to fall asleep.

2. Harmly psychological health, long -term headache leads to sexual irritability and losing temper; poor long -term difficulty leads to psychological fragility and loses confidence.

3. Harm healthy, headaches will inevitably have adverse effects on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular of the person; after headaches, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, etc., and even cause death.

The treatment principle of hypertension headache

1. The principle of treating the primary disease with pressure downside.

Taking antihypertensive drugs for a long time, large liver and kidney side effects, and can also cause excessive use headache.

2. Combined drugs for antihypertensive drugs and Tianshu capsules.

The main components of Kangyuan® Sky Shu Capsules are Chuanxiong and Gastrodia, which have the effects of improving the microcirculation of the brain, suppressing thrombosis, and improving insufficient blood supply. It has a certain effect of lower blood pressure, lipid -lowering, anti -thrombosis, anti -tumor, enhanced immune and treatment of headache, dizziness, neuralgia and other effects. It is a good choice for patients with hypertension headache. It not only helps the treatment of hypertension, but also treats headaches caused by high blood pressure, but also reduces the side effects of liver and kidney for long -term antihypertensive drugs.

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