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How to remove blackheads and white heads?

Blackheads are due to the difference between the surface horny formation of the hair follicles. The keratin produces is thicker and it is not easy to leave the hair follicles, which forms a blocking material on the skin surface. The white head is also the fat particles. It is due to the strong secretion of itself on the surface of the skin, and then the skin cannot be absorbed with overweight or protein. It is easy to cause white head. So how to remove it?

1. Be sure to choose appropriate skin care products. People with oily skin must use oily skin series skin care products, such as facial cleanser, shrinking (or use acne eliminating inflammatory water), and treating creams such as anti -inflammatory and sterilization of balanced oil -secreted skin care products.

2. In the beauty salon, the beautician must completely clean his hands before starting to take care of the guests. Nursing process: Clean skin-ion spray-frosted, removing dead skin-needle clear blackheads, wine rice, white head, acne-acne-acne anti-inflammatory water-infrared light or ultraviolet light electrotherapy-acne frozen mask-acne shrinkage-acne treatment cream.

3. If allergies are found during the removal process, you should immediately soften the skin cream to eliminate allergies.

4. After cleaning the skin, the epidermis softened through the spray. When the pores are expanded, the beautician uses a professional acne needle to clear the needle. Disinte it with alcohol at both ends of the needle, and then remove the acne needles. It can also be performed with vacuum -absorbing blackhead instruments.

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5. After the needle is cleaned, use acne to eliminate inflammatory water, inflammation, sterilize, and then use infrared light or ultraviolet phototherapy. In severe cases, you can add special acne to eliminate inflammatory water during electrotherap.

The method of clearing the white head is the same as above, but the white head is real and hard. The surface is because there is no pores. The beautician may pierce the epidermis with acne needles on the white head, gently turn around in the white head with a needle, and then squeeze out the other end of the needle. It must be completely cleared, otherwise a little oil will be left in it, and it will grow again after a period of time.

(Intern editor: Du Niannian)

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