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How to remove hair dye on the nails

How to remove hair dye on the nails

In the past, hair dyeing all went to the barber shop. This kind of hair dye saving was done at most 2 hours, but there was a disadvantage. Most of them were chemical hair dyeing agents. They were very bad for their own bodies and expensive.Go to the haircut.

That is, the hair dye is very pungent. After dyeing the scalp of the hair, it will itch, and it will even feel the pain of thorns.It is so uncomfortable in the process of hair dyeing, and many people will worry that hair dyeing will cause cancer.In fact, this idea is too limited.

Recently, I first dyed my hair when I went to the barbershop, but after dyeing my hair, I found that the part of the head was dyed too yellow, and the color was a bit uneven. What to remedy? The secondary heavy hair dyeing is to change the hair color by using hair dyeing products to change the color of the hair color.Row.

Do not scratch your head with your head scalp. Many people are used to scratching the scalp with your fingernails when washing your hair. Although it is refreshing for a while, it may become infected or aggravated the scalp itching.There are bacteria hidden in the slot of the fingernails, and accidentally scratching the scalp can cause infection.

The Chinese will make a rational hair a year ago, and most of the older people will dye white hair black to show young, and some young people like to change their hair.But the matters that need to be noticed for hair dye are not.

Hair dyeing is the most common aesthetic means in life. Both the crowd have the habit of dyeing hair in both the elderly and young people. In the past, the traditional historical and traditional hair dyeing was made from plant extracts and made of nail leaves.

The nail flower learns the name of Fengxian flowers. Some places are also called Jinfeng flowers, good daughter flowers, nail flowers, acute, and fishing.It belongs to the family of Phoenix Flower, a year -old herbal flower, produced in China and India.It is common in the countryside, usually summer to autumn.

The appearance of the nails is a microcosm of a person’s health, good living habits and correct trimming care, which not only can nails look natural and beautiful, but also avoid many diseases caused by nails.”Armor” must be common sense.

Nail grass, He Shouwu, etc.) or chemical pigments dye the color of the hair into the color you want.With life.

It is not difficult to find on the streets and alleys that hair dye, especially color dye, has become a consumer fashion, hair dye.

There are people who love beauty. Some middle -aged and elderly people dye their hair to cover their white hair, and some young people change their hair color for fashion.The hair dye contains some chemicals, and frequent hair dyeing will inevitably bring to the body.

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