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How to remove ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts can be eliminated through conservative treatment, drug treatment or surgical treatment.

In fact, ovarian cysts are a type of manifestation of ovarian tumors.Simply put, cystic tumors growing on the ovaries.This is a common reproductive system tumor for women.Some only appear on one side, but may also exist on both sides.Ovarian cysts are divided into benign and malignant, and further examinations are required to confirm the diagnosis.The treatment of ovarian cysts is as follows: First, conservative treatment: Most physiological ovarian cysts usually fade after a few months of menstrual cycle, so no special treatment is required.If the cyst is broken and the amount of bleeding is small, conservative treatment can be taken, such as obeying the doctor’s infection, hemostasis, and bed rest.During the treatment, the patient’s blood pressure, heart rate and other signs should be closely monitored.Second, drug treatment: If ovarian cysts have no surgical indications, they can be treated with combined traditional Chinese and western medicine to alleviate clinical symptoms in accordance with the doctor’s advice.Third, surgical treatment: If ovarian cysts are large and continue, especially mixed blocks, and cause discomfort such as abdominal pain and abdominal distension. It is recommended to remove surgery.Women with ovarian cysts should go to the hospital for examination in time, and do not take medicine by themselves to avoid delaying illness.

Ovarian cysts should pay attention to avoid strenuous exercise, pay attention to genital hygiene, and avoid excessive psychological pressure and emotional excitement.Patients with ovarian cysts may cause the cysts to suddenly rupture and distorted after strenuous exercise, causing serious consequences, so they cannot exercise vigorously.Patients should pay attention to the cleaning, hygiene and dryness of the perineum to avoid infection, so as not to cause the condition to worsen.Pay attention to maintaining a good mentality, do not have a lot of psychological pressure, and timely conditional conditioning.If you find ovarian cysts, go to a regular medical institution to evaluate whether it is physiological or pathological.For pathological cysts, different treatment plans should be selected according to the size and properties of the cyst, and professional doctors give suggestions based on the specific conditions of the patient.

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