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How to remove the hair dye on the nails

How to remove the hair dye on the nails

Hair -dye cosmetics has the effect of changing hair color, commonly known as hair dye.The Chinese are yellow races, and they are mostly white -haired and black, so hair dye is also relatively monotonous.Europeans and Americans are used to lighter or bleaching their hair, and then dye their hair into gold, yellow, linen, reddish brown, violet, etc., so their hair dye has a wide variety of colors.Since the reform and opening up, due to the influence of international popular hair color, my country has also launched various color hair dyeing agents, which has shined my country’s hair dyeing products market.How to get rid of the hair dye on the nail?

1. Take a small amount of edible vinegar and apply it on the nails with hair dye cream. Then at this time, the hair dye cream will be dissolved in vinegar. Then you can use soap to apply it to the part of the hair dye cream.Some hair dye cream will be dissolved in the soap liquid, and the color will be faded, and it will be cleaned after repeated cleaning.

2. Put the nail -dyed cream in hot water for a few minutes, and then use soap to dissolve it. Repeat the effect of cleaning.

3. Or use some cleaner -cleaning milk, such as aloe vera facial cleanser, and so on.

4. Remove with a wet cloth with tobacco ash. You can use a wet cloth to get an appropriate amount of tobacco ash, and gently wipe it at the place where the nail oil dye dyeing agent can achieve the effect of removing the hair dye.

5. Use alcohol.Alcohol has a solubility. Use cotton cloth dipping alcohol, scrubbing the nail dye, and repeatedly scrubbing to remove.

Patients with hypertension, heart disease, asthma, and asthma should not be dyed. In addition, couples who are preparing to give birth, as well as pregnant women and lactating women are also not suitable for hair dyeing.Long -term use of hair dye is harmful to health.American experts tested 160 popular hair dyes and found that 150 of them had carcinogenic effects.For example, among the oxidized hair dye, there is a substance called 2-4 aminozoic acid, which is most likely to accumulate in the human body and promote cell hyperplasia.Under normal circumstances, if the hair dye is used for 10 years, as long as the human skin is absorbed by 1%of the substance, it can cause cancer.In addition, the use of hair dye can cause the body’s immune dysfunction and cause lupus erythematosus.Other hair dyes can cause allergic dermatitis and allergic eye conjunctivitis.Accordingly, scientists have warned people that hair dye should be used with caution.

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