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How to reset the correctly chin person?

Some people laughed for a while, opened their mouths too big, suddenly couldn’t close their mouths, and they couldn’t fit their teeth, and they drooling. The face is obviously growing, which is what people usually say to fall. People’s opening and shut -mouth are completed by mandibular joint activities. This kind of exercise has a certain limit. If it exceeds its range of activity, dislocation will occur.

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1. Don’t worry after the chin dislocation. The researcher can put down the square stools commonly used in the family. Please fall off the chin and sit on the wall with your head against the wall. In this way, the chin can be lower than the elbow joint of the resetner.

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2. Wrap the thumbs of the finger with a handkerchief, stretch into the lutter’s mouth, and place it on the bite surface of the back teeth on both sides.

3. Before reset, the attention of the chin person first, then press the jaw to downward, and at the same time, turn the pillar upward, so that the mandibular bone is turned under the nodule. After pushing it later, you can make the stagnation suddenly slide into the original joint cavity. At this time, the thumb of the resetner quickly slipped to the outside of the rear teeth to avoid bite.

4. After reset, it is best to use the bandage to stop the chin. Do not open your mouth in a few days to prevent habitual dislocation.

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