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How to restore the private parts how to restore the pink part of the private parts

The pink private parts are eager to own every female friend, but with the continuous growth of the age, coupled with the influence of female body hormones, pigmentation may occur in the private parts, making the private parts look dark and dark. This will greatly crack down on women’s self -confidence. How can the private part recover? How to restore the pink private parts? Let’s take a closer look!

How to recover in the private parts?

(1) Try to wear loose and breathable cotton underwear

When it comes to how to recover this problem in private parts, in order to avoid the color of the private parts due to long -term overwear, the friction causes pigmentation, it is recommended to wear more loose and breathable cotton underwear in normal times. Otherwise, it will bring more friction to the private parts and cause bacteria to breed, which is very helpful for improving the darkening of private parts.

(2) Surgery whitening

How to recover in the private parts? In fact, it is a normal physiological change process to become dark, and the process of turning the private parts is almost irreversible. Therefore, if the private parts are indeed too dark, it will seriously affect self -confidence. Female friends can choose the way of surgical whitening to improve the way to improve surgery to improve. At present, the most common women’s whitening private parts are called laser bleaching, which is to eliminate the melanin in the private parts with laser. Although it can have a good treatment effect, it must also pay attention to nursing work after surgery.

(3) Sanitary pads should be used less

There are many chemical fiber components of sanitary pads. Sanitary pads that have long -term contact with chemical fiber skin and mucosa of women’s vulva are easily stimulated. Especially if wearing tight underwear in the sweltering weather, in this humid and breathable environment, bacteria will breed. Especially fast, in addition to deepening the color of private parts, it is easier to cover the problem. In daily life, we must try to avoid the use of sanitary pads in daily life.

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The above is the introduction of how to recover in the private parts. In fact, it is a normal pigment precipitation process. Female friends do not need to feel unconfident for this. Take more response measures in daily life to help your private parts slowly restore pink.

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