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How to select inspection items for female medical examinations

The annual examination of the unit’s medical examination may save the “women” medical examination for “saving money”, leaving only basic projects such as heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidney. The reporter learned that only 20%of the unit’s medical examination included the breast examination items, and 50%were willing to pay for female employees for urinary examination blood tests! Even if individuals’ self -funded physical examination, some women increased or deleted according to their personal preferences. Reduce the medical examination items recommended by the doctor: high -risk groups of breast disease are unwilling to do B -ultrasound.

The unit physical examination is often absent for the women’s project to save money.

The reporter learned from the Health Examination Center of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University that a severe reality was in front of it: for the most important breast examination items for female medical examinations, less than 20%of the unit physical examination was willing to “pay” for employees, In the personal physical examination of women who took the initiative to come to the door, the proportion of willing to do breast examination was only 30 to 50 %.

For the urine test blood test that is convenient for examination and reflects many diseases, only half of the units are willing to include it into the medical examination. In personal examination, nearly 1/3 of the people will save here. In the most important link of cancer, more than 90%of units choose cervical cytology coating, and only 10%of units are willing to choose cervical scraper liquid cytology examination (LBP for short). The former detects the accuracy of cancer cells 30%to 40%than the latter.

Regardless of the collective or individual, the health awareness of medical examinations every year is “advancing with the times”, but there is still a lot of loopholes due to economic and attention. “Many units come to talk to us about the work of professional work and physical examination projects, and it will be explained that the price of the physical examination on the head of each person cannot exceed 200 yuan. Inside, let alone the uterine attachment examination and other items that women who should do. “

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She admits that most of the physical examination of the unit cannot cover many projects that women really need, because they are not focused on “women” and they are “human”. Generally speaking, collective physical examination only includes conventional examinations such as blood pressure, blood lipids, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, chest, and ECG.

If the unit deletes the medical examination items because of saving money, then when some women pay for personal physical testing, most of them delete the medical examination items at will because they are ignorant. Experts say that some middle -aged women feel breast bloating before menstrual menstruation, but unmarried and unmarried women believe that these phenomena are normal and do not have to do breast examination. In fact, the opposite is the opposite. Women who are unmarried, unburdened or breastfeeding are more prone to breast hyperplasia and even breast cancer than women who have experienced pregnancy and breastfeeding.

(Editor in charge: Tang Aifeng Intern Editor: Liu Shunping)

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