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How to self -check the private part of a man

What do men care about their sex organs? Most people will say that the size of the penis. But in fact, testicles are the sexual organs that men should pay more attention to, the foundation of being a man.

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The testicular is a male reproductive organs. It is a processing factory of sperm androgen and an engine of men’s sexual desire. Testicles are very sensitive to the environment and are prone to various problems, so men should pay attention to the self -examination of testicles.

When will the testicular examination start? First of all, the boy should start to check the testicles from the birth of a boy to find diseases such as cryptor test disease early, and this needs to be completed under the guidance of a doctor. Secondly, under normal circumstances, the boy has grown rapidly from the age of 11-112, and it is basically mature to 18 years old, and at the same time, the normal adolescent development is completed. If the testicular volume does not grow after the age of 12, you need to seek medical treatment in time to exclude the possibility of delayed adolescent development. Finally, it is recommended to carry out testicular self -examination once a month from the age of 15 to understand the size, shape, touch, etc. of the testicles at any time, so as to detect lesions such as puppets early.

The best time for self -examination is after bathing. At this time, the scrotum skin is relatively relaxed, and it is easier to check.

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Specific method: Take the standing position to make the scrotum sag naturally, hold up the scrotum with the palm, and observe and appreciate the size and weight of it. Gently pinch the testicles with both hands, place your thumb in front of the testicles, and place your index finger and middle finger. Use your index finger and thumb to gently rotate the testicles to check whether the size and surface are smooth, whether there are hard blocks, tenderness, and pay attention to the difference between the left and right testicles. If there are abnormal lumps, you must be vigilant and find a male doctor for diagnosis and treatment early.

Sex Blessing Class Expert Consultant: Wang Bin

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