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How to self -diagnose bronchitis

How to self -diagnose bronchitis? The judgment of chronic bronchitis is based on the severity of the disease, mainly based on the patient’s cough, sputum, and breathing. So how to self -diagnose bronchitis?

Chronic bronchitis is one of the clinical symptoms commonly common in respiratory systems with long -term recurrent cough (cough: cough: cough is one of the common clinical symptoms of respiratory systems. Many diseases in clinical clinical diseases can cause cough symptoms.), Sputum, or diseases accompanied by asthma. The following is a way to judge whether it is chronic bronchitis:

Chronic bronchitis can be divided into two types: simple type and asthma type.

Judgment of the condition of simplicity chronic bronchitis:

1. Frequently coughing day and night, affecting work and sleep. The sputum is more than 50ml of sputum at night, and any of the above items are severe simplicity and chronic bronchitis.

2. If the patient coughs more, but does not affect sleep, it is a moderate chronic bronchitis between 12 hours of sputum at night between 25-49ml?

Judgment of the condition of chronic bronchitis in asthma type:

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Chronic bronchitis, general cough, phlegm, asthma, and wheezing sound of chronic bronchitis, exist at the same time, but it is mainly asthma.

1. Patients with obvious breathing when they are quiet, and those who cannot lie flat are severe chronic bronchitis.

2. The breathing is light when quiet, and the breath of the morning and evening is only in the morning and evening. Those who can lie down are moderate chronic bronchitis.

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