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How to store oyster sauce for decades?Don’t know if you don’t eat something wrong

“Where is there any oyster sauce now, it’s all oyster bath water!”

“Isn’t it? Last time I went to buy oyster sauce, and when I saw the additives inside, I had to write several rows and dare not buy it.”

… …

Recently, the topic of oyster sauce has been hot again. Many people think that the current oyster sauce is fake oyster sauce. It is “fixed” with additives. Eating it will cause cancer. Is it really that?

First, the oyster sauce is all “technology and hard work”?

How to store oyster sauce for decades?Don't know if you don't eat something wrong

To understand this issue, we need to know how oyster sauce is made, mainly three steps.

1. Take oyster meat and clean

There are many uses of oysters, some are eaten directly, some are roasted, and some are sent to oyster sauce.The method of prying open oysters is artificial and specialized, and the methods of different manufacturers are different.After taking out the oysters, you need to clean it.

2. Concentrated oyster sauce

After cleaning, sort out the oyster meat, and then send it to extract the essence, condense into oyster sauce, that is, put the oysters into the pot, and slowly cook it with the fire.After cooking for a while, remove the oyster meat and cook the remaining oyster soup at low pressure to condense oyster sauce.

3. Make up oyster sauce and add “Hex Technology”

From the concentrated oyster sauce to the oyster sauce, it is necessary to add pigment, condiments, and thickeners to the factory. After a series of processing, the oyster sauce will continue to cook in the stainless steel can.After the end, you can bottle oyster sauce.

Why should a small bottle of oyster sauce add so many “technology and hard work”?Because the cost of traditional oyster sauce is too expensive!

In the traditional process, oyster sauce, 2000 catties of oysters can only cook 150 ~ 180 catties of fuel consumption, and the price is very expensive.And the output of traditional craftsmanship is difficult to adapt to huge demand, and it is prone to supply in short supply.

When it comes to the problem of additives, everyone is most worried about safety issues. Will we eat so many oyster sauce every day, will there be safety problems?

Second, there are so many additives for oyster sauce, will it cause cancer if you eat it?

The ingredients in a bottle of oyster sauce include oyster juice, water, white sugar, sodium glutamate, 5′-sodium flavon nucleotide, caramel, citric acid, and potassium sorbate. Most of the ingredients of oyster sauce are inMore than 10 kinds.

How to store oyster sauce for decades?Don't know if you don't eat something wrong

The question comes, is these additives safe?Especially preservatives

1. Fresh increase agent:

Common fresh -additives include sodium glutamate, sodium flavonucleotide, and yeast extraction solution. Among them, sodium glutamate is more common.At present, it is believed that sodium glutamate is safe for the human body. It can be used as a food additive without the upper limit requirements.

2. Thickening agent:

Huangyuan is a more common thickener. It is a thickener of soluble dietary fiber, which allows it to be added worldwide.

3. Preservation:

Potassium pear acid is often added with preservatives in oyster sauce. It is a high -efficiency and safe insurance preservative recommended by the World International Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization. Under the premise of normal dosage, it will not threaten health.

How to store oyster sauce for decades?Don't know if you don't eat something wrong

Even though the preservatives added in oyster sauce will not threaten health, but everyone still has a natural sense of rejection of preservatives, is that oyster sauce without preservatives must be good?

Nong Shaozhuang, a professor at the School of Food of Dalian University of Technology, said that the condiments such as oyster sauce are rich in nutrition and are easy to spoil and deteriorate. The purpose of adding preservatives is to prevent deterioration.

Although oyster sauce is common in daily life, many people store oyster sauce is not correct. If you are still using this method, it is recommended to change it as soon as possible.

Third, the method of storage of oyster sauce for decades is used, you may not know if you eat something wrong with your body

Many people do not know that after the cover is opened, it needs to be kept refrigerated, causing the sugar, amino acids, starch and other ingredients contained in the inside. It is very easy to breed bacteria at room temperature, and some ingredients contained in it are easily oxidized and decomposed at room temperature. Give it to it.The growth of microorganisms provides conditions, which is easy to deteriorate, and even breeds carcinogenicine.

Some people will continue to eat after they find that oyster sauce has long hair, which is actually very dangerous.Eating long hair of oyster sauce can easily cause acute gastroenteritis and food poisoning, causing patients with nausea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. Patients with mild symptoms can heal themselves in a short period of time, and serious ones need to be treated for treatment.

As a good helper for freshness, the status of oyster sauce in the kitchen has always been high. How to choose a bottle of high -quality oyster sauce?

Fourth, how to choose a bottle of high -quality oyster sauce?

1. The higher the oyster juice ranking, the better

When buying oyster sauce, pay attention to the ingredients table, and give priority to choosing the product that is ranked first in oyster juice. The higher the proportion, the better.If there is no oyster sauce, check the protein content, the higher the better.

How to store oyster sauce for decades?Don't know if you don't eat something wrong

2. Low sodium

Try to choose oyster sauce with low sodium content.

3. Not containing sodium benzoate

The “NY/T 1710-2009” led by the Ministry of Agriculture in my country clearly stipulates that the addition of sodium nazanate preservatives is prohibited from adding sodium nryanate preservatives to oyster sauce.However, some merchants are risky. When buying oyster sauce, pay attention to check whether there are sodium toluene in the ingredient table. If you have any, do not buy it.

Oyster sauce is one of the condiments often used daily. Pay attention to the refrigerator in time after opening to avoid affecting food quality due to improper preservation methods, and then threatened health.As for the additives in oyster sauce, as long as you buy products that meet national standards, it will not bring additional risks to health.Reference materials:

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How to store oyster sauce for decades?Don't know if you don't eat something wrong

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