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How to tell stories, children like to listen?

How to compile a story that can be deeply attracted by children? How to tell the sad story? What kind of story to use before going to bed is easier to fall asleep … Listen to these practical skills of these children’s inspection!

A If there is no ready -made story … then make a puppet. But as soon as I opened it: “A long time ago, there was a very tall and tall mountain …” Then, it is stuck? Okay, then you must need a leading inspirational lead to weave those moving stories.

Clues 1 to compile the impactful incidents during the day. Breaking the news: Wang Yaping (daughter Ann, 4 years old) took my daughter Ann to play in the playground, and I found that Ann often stayed away from children alone. I want to encourage her to change through the story of bedtime. That night, I said to her, “A n n, my mother wants to tell you a new story today, I play with good friends …” In this way, with the serial story of “good friends in the playground”.

In the story, Ann became the protagonist. The story revolves around the scene in the playground during the day. I self -compiled some stories of how to cope with her condition during the day, and I am a suggestion of my hint. In this way, she will know how to deal with this situation again (for example, how to say hello to new friends, how to share toys with you, what should you do when others grab your toys, etc.).

The story is quickly effective. Ann gradually became cheerful and became a happy fruit in the playground.

When the clue 2 does not have a ready -made story, playing the dragon game must not be wrong. Tong Tong asked to tell a story. What to do? I can’t remember for a while. Well, I propose a story to pick up the dragon. “What is the story of the dragon?” Tong Tong didn’t understand it. “The story is a story. Mom tells a word, you tell me …” I introduced it.

So an interesting little story was born in my son and I said in a word: a long time ago, there was a cute little white rabbit. One day, it had been playing in the forest for a long time, and when he was hungry, he looked around … Although this story is simple, Tong Tong is “every sleep must listen”, which has become his favorite sleeping story. Clues 3 wow, let the child draw it again, what are you waiting for?!

The news person: Mother Jianing (daughter is 4 years old) remember that when the child was 4 to 5 years old, he read an undergraduate reading “Everyone to sleep”. The book says: When the horse sleeps, the eyelids hang down; the chicken sleeps on the eyelids together; the snake sleeping eyes are opened because the snake has no eyelids; what is the baby sleeping? The picture of this book is very exquisite and clear. Each of the small animals is very expressive.

One day I suddenly thought about it, provided my daughter a few A4 paper, ordered it to be a book, and then asked her to draw down the small animals she liked and told the story between them. On that day, my daughter and I took turns to tell the story with her “book”, and my imagination squeak out, and it also solved my “story shortage”. It was simply a win -win situation.

Clues 4 Put his hobbies, characteristics and development stages!

I usually compile stories based on children’s hobbies, characteristics, or development stages. For example, his son liked graffiti very much for a while, and his ideal at that stage was also a painter when he grew up. So I will compose some stories of well -known Chinese and foreign painters such as Gao, Da Vinci, Qi Baishi, and other famous Chinese and foreign painters to learn painting with him, rendering the background for his ideals.

He was obsessed with the universe and the ocean for a while. I would compile some stories about the sky and the ocean of science fiction to him. He would like to imagine these mysterious space with him, and let his imagination grow wings.

B If you already have a good story … With a story, it is as if the chef already has the main cuisine. Now, we only need to add a little “material” of storytelling skills. This can not be ignored. Otherwise, some people are regarded as “the strongest storytelling master in history”? Maybe the following techniques can be carried out.

The story of Material 1 before going to bed can “lazily” tell the news: Zhang Songjie (daughter Jiahe, 2 and a half years old) closed her eyes to let my daughter fall asleep as soon as possible. Well, and asked her to close her eyes and listen, she would not talk about it. I will use the whisper that only the two of us can hear.

Repeat the “old” story that some daughters are familiar with before going to bed. Because if you tell a new story, the child is likely to be asleep because of curiosity. In fact, two or three -year -old children also like to repeat, which will make her feel more secure.

The concise pre -bed stories can be told more concisely. To make clear the main plots, reduce some descriptive details, so as not to be too long.

Reference story: What stories of TIPS of “Seven Color Flowers” and “Cinderella” are not suitable for children’s bedtime stories? Li Xueqin (daughter is unobstructed, 2 years old) Before bedtime, in addition to reflecting parent -child interaction, it also helps children sleep. The following types of stories are not suitable for going to bed: stories beyond children’s cognitive ability.

The primary principle of choosing a story for children is “suitable”, that is, in line with the child’s mental development level. The story before bedtime is no exception.

Stories of violence or intense trainers. Before going to bed is a warm moment, so you should avoid telling some stories with horror, which is the same as that it is not suitable for adults to watch horror movies before going to bed. The story of the commandment is compiled to let the child understand a certain truth, but do not take the time to go to bed as the time for children to reflect. Stories that are easy to excite children. I once told “Guess how much I love you” before going to bed. She was already drowsy. When she heard me say, “I can love you if I can open more about my arm.” Jumping up, holding my arm open on the bed, I immediately realized that she should do “how high I can jump” and I can only hurry to change the story.

The story of Material 2 is angry, you can gently tell the news: Jiang Xiaoyan (son Xiaoshu, 4 years old) Remember to tell the story of the active son when telling the story of “Angry Arthur”. In the expression of Arthur’s expression, he said with his teeth with a “cosmic shock” voice: “Arthur started to be angry … very … very … angry!”

I thought my son would “like” my anger. I didn’t know that my son saw my extremely exaggerated expression, hearing my horrible “anger”, and helped my arm panic: “Mom, don’t talk about it, I’m scared. “I realized that my” imitation “scared him, busy in the book, and said sorry:” I’m sorry, my mother is wrong, I don’t say it anymore. “

Later, one day, when my son held the book “Angry Arthur” again, and asked me to tell him, I tried in a very peaceful tone and read: “He is so angry, his gasification is made into A dark cloud, burst into lightning, thunder and hail. “

Such a story made him immerse in the story of the story. I do n’t have to use a angry expression to draw a snake. The pictures in the book have long told him: angry is terrible, but if the anger has been hidden in my heart, it is even more terrible, and it is often hurting himself. Gentlely of telling, it is precisely compared with the picture, so that he knows emotions in a calm and peaceful language atmosphere, so as to learn how to regulate his emotions.

Reference story: “Angry Arthur” is a sad story, you can happily tell the news: Jiang Xiaoyan (son Xiaoshu, 3 years old) tells the story of death, parting, and single -parent. Do you have to tell very sadly? In fact, the word “sadness” is self -set in most cases from the theme of the book.

Looking at these seemingly sad children’s books, you will find that the picture in the book is actually sunny and warm; the language in the book is also very easy, even if it is really worried, it is faint, as if in the early morning sun. These stories are to help children find the power of Xiangyang from an early age.

Xiaoyong, the protagonist in “Hiding Cat”, is a child who does not have the usual intelligence. When the grandfather who was dependent on died, he left lonely … We can read aloud in a joyful and happy tone like the golden rapeseed field in the title page of the title page of the book. Let the child feel that Xiaoyong is not alone, and a group of good friends around him are accompany him.

In such a brisk tone, it is better to leave the kindness passed in the book eternally in the child’s world. The child’s world will also become rich and atmospheric due to these beautiful emotions.

Reference story: The same story of “Hiding Cat” 4, you can “staged” the explosive person: Li Fang (child Daibei, 10 years old) at the stage of children’s learning language, I generally follow the picture book and paint. Thinking, striving for coherent and vividly, to give children a model for language.

After bigger, I will use my own way to tell the story. Whenever I talk about a critical moment, I always let him think about what will happen, and then create a story with him. During the period when the child establishes his own thoughts and perspectives, I will ask him to comment on the plot in the book. For example: What do he think of the last choice of mermaid?

Reference story: “The Daughter of the Sea” has become a few principles of “Story Master” simply telling the story. Do not add too much teachings in the story. Even targeted stories must be based on a fun basis.

Encourage intervening. Telling stories to children does not advocate “single -mouth cross talk”, it is best to drive the child to “say the double spring”. In other words, encourage children to intervene and make the story time a moment of sharing and communication.

Go to battle in person. Compared to playing the story in C D, it is much time -consuming to read the story and even compose the story. However, it is a good opportunity to accompany, guide, assist, and listen to the child’s inner world. Don’t miss it!

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Slow down. Don’t look forward to telling a few times to understand the deep principles behind those stories. The story is just a grain of seeds, and it may not bloom in a short time. Children need you to read slowly with him and understand slowly in growth.

Love is the best technique. As long as there is love, I believe that every parent can find the best skills that suits their children best.

(Intern editor: Zhang Lijuan)


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