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How to test your baby’s body temperature?Experts teach you to measure your body temperature correctly

In pediatrics, sometimes this parent can be seen: they hug their children in a hurry, and said anxiously when the nurse station reported, “Girl, my child has a fever.” At that time, I looked at it again: “I didn’t give him a body temperature, and I felt hot when I touched my forehead.”

Heating is a common symptom of pediatric clinical practice. Especially when weather changes and cold and cold alternation, many children are more likely to “recruit”. When babies have a fever, measuring body temperature has become a very important one for parents to take care of the fever baby. Homework. However, some parents do not know how to give the baby body temperature, especially when the baby is moving because of his physical discomfort and crying, making the body temperature more tricky. So, how can parents do a good job of monitoring body temperature for the hot baby at home?

We know that the body temperature of the normal human body is regulated by the receptor temperature regulation center, and the heat production and heat dissipation process are dynamically balanced through nerve and body fluid factors, which keeps the body temperature in a relatively constant range, that is, this normal body temperature is a one is a one Scope, not a specific point. Generally speaking, the oral temperature is 36.2 ~ 37.2 ° C, the axillary temperature is 36 ~ 37 ° C, and the anal temperature is 36.5 ~ 37.7 ° C. Due to the influence of day and night, age, gender, diet, exercise, emotion and other factors, the body temperature is in one day There will be a range of fluctuations. Generally, this fluctuation range is normal within 1 ° C.

For little babies, although they will not express their discomfort yet, they will send signals to their parents with abnormal body temperature through some performance: such as the baby’s small face red, dry lips, restless crying, loss of appetite, loss of appetite, loss of appetite , Decreased urine output, deepening urine color, and higher forehead heat than usual. Sometimes when they are accompanied by these performances of their children, parents have to think that their children are likely to have a fever.

When measuring the body temperature, you can use the thermometer of the electronic body or the thermometer of the mercury. The infrared temperature meter is a type of electronic thermometer. It is relatively simple to operate, especially when the child is active, easy to cry, and refuses to calm down the body temperature. It is a good choice. Or approach the forehead, press the test key, the body temperature comes out, and the operation is very easy. The thermometer of the pen -type electronic body is shorter than the mercury thermometer.

Mercury thermometer is used to measure the type of underarms, oral or anus, and measure body temperature, which is mostly measured by the convenience of the armpit. When using, you must first throw the thermometer below 35 ° C (it is best to throw it to less than 35 ° C after each use, and then disinfect it). It is advisable to measure it after minutes. When sweating under the armpit, you should also dry it and then measure it. Then clamp the thermometer’s mercury and clamp it under the armpit. The smaller baby can help him fix the arms on the chest. Measted for 5 ~ 10 minutes, then took out the thermometer and put it in front of the eyes, and the two eyes were on the same horizontal line. The thermometer was rotated, so that the color mercury column with the color was facing the eyes and read the number. At the time of using mercury temperature, be careful not to bite or break the thermometer of children and cause danger.

When it comes to measuring body temperature, some parents may ask, how long should it be better to re -test the body temperature for the baby? Generally speaking, if the baby is only a low fever, then the body temperature can be measured once every 6 hours, or it is suspected to be monitored when the body temperature is rising. They are bored, especially mercury thermometers. When they are inserted into the armpit, they will feel uncomfortable. When the baby is high fever, it is necessary to measure a little densely than when low heat. After taking a fever or physical cooling for half an hour, the body temperature is measured at once. To be shorter.

In the end, parents need to remind parents that measuring body temperature is only to help understand the baby’s disease. When the baby has a fever, the parents should not just stare at the body temperature number. Don’t worry too much, if the mental state is poor, you need to go to the doctor in time. (Guide expert: Federation of Pediatric Nurse Nurses of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital: Peng Wenbin Lin Huifang)

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