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How to tie the acupuncture to lose weight will be effective

On the streets, the Chinese medicine beauty museums that are under the signboard of “acupuncture weight loss” can be seen everywhere. So where should I pay attention to the weight loss of Chinese medicine? What should I do if I encounter the platform period? How does Chinese medicine lose weight without rebounding? The weight loss mechanism is different, how should ordinary consumers choose?

Acupuncture and weight loss above the two courses of treatment are the best effect

The weight loss of Chinese medicine requires more than two courses to be effective. In the early stage, you need to go to needle once a day, and you can adjust it to once the next day after a week. The menstrual period cannot be operated. Basically, a course of treatment is two months, and two courses are four to five months. The effect of weight loss depends on personal constitution. Generally, you can start seeing the weight loss effect in about a week. It is worth noting that the menstrual period is a special physiological period, which should not be treated too much, and it is necessary to maintain a state of body balance.

You can rest for a month for a month and continue to lose weight

Weight loss is a long process of weight change. For example, there is a speed reduction and slowing period in the early days, and then there is a platform period, that is, there will be a fatigue period. If everything is done for a long time, there will be a period of fatigue, and the body will have a resistance to resist. Just like you eat a kind of food, although you like to eat very much, you eat every day. You are bored for a while. In the same way, acupuncture to lose weight will also have a period of acupoint fatigue, which is a normal physiological reaction. If you encounter a period of fatigue, it is generally recommended to temporarily stop staining. You can continue to lose weight after a month of rest. As long as you have a proper diet, it will not affect the weight loss effect.

Acupuncture to lose weight also needs to prevent rebound by controlling diet

After many people lose weight, they have a misunderstanding that they can eat it. In fact, this is wrong. Women want to be beautiful for a lifetime. In this life, to keep beauty, they need to resist aging and obesity at all times. Therefore, both beauty and weight loss need to be adhered to for a long time. Obesity is mainly because the energy intake is greater than consumed energy. People will do addition and subtraction. You eat more and less, and you will naturally store this part of the excess energy into fat. Fat is a major storage form of excess energy, so if you eat more, you will naturally gain weight.

After the weight loss is successful, we must also maintain communication with the doctor

Generally, good Chinese medicine weight loss institutions will provide some follow -up tracking and guidance services. After the course of treatment, consumers can take the time to return to the visit. Twice a week, the doctor will supervise and guide it to develop a good living habit. There will be no overeating.

How do consumers choose regular Chinese medicine weight loss institutions

(1) General consumers choose weight loss institutions, first of all, they must have some common sense of judgment. There are many advertisements outside, what “thin day and day, night and night”, etc., you know it is a gimmick at first heard, it is impossible;

(2) Go to the scene to take a look at whether it has a qualification certificate. Regular Chinese medicine weight loss institutions must have medical qualifications. General large chain institutions have a unified logo and decoration style. There are many “cottage” weight loss institutions, which change the name or adjust the order of words, and accidentally make people be fooled.

(3) Also understand the quality of employees: For example, when consulting, the service staff must make sense, rather than exaggerating, not in a particularly tempting language, he must speak real. Consultants of regular institutions generally tell you that weight loss can not be successful immediately. You can try some methods that are easier to see effect first, and give yourself confidence to lose weight. In addition, you should also check whether the doctor who performs weight loss is a regular physician professional qualification certificate, especially medical projects such as acupuncture, and not everyone can pick it up casually.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu Intern editor: Zhu Yanmei)

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